Best Blender for Chopping Ice and Frozen Fruit

Some might think there is no difference between a regular blender and a good blender for ice.

There are blenders explicitly designed for frozen fruits and ice. Since you want to know, we have made this guide to introduce you to these blenders and help you make the right choice.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Blender for Chopping Ice And Frozen Fruit

Power Rating:

The power output of an ice chopping blender is a significant factor. The ability of a blender to work at a compelling rate without the blades bending or wearing out is crucial . It would not be ideal to have to resuscitate the motor or cool off the blades when the load wears them down.  

That is why you need a blender with power. The power of the blender is what does the crushing. If you get a weak blender, you would also  end up having your ice or frozen fruit half crushed and possibly have a damaged part.

The best blender for chopping ice and frozen fruit usually has powerful motors and durable blades. The creamiest and smoothest smoothies or perfectly blended ice come from powerful blenders.

How would you measure the power of your ice chopping blender?

Check the wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the blender is. Also, the material of the blades gives out the power, but usually manufacturers will not risk incorporating blades that cannot withstand the Watts capacity. You do not want a helicopter with plastic blades!

The Speed of the Motor: 

As much as the power rating of a blender is critical, one must not ignore the motor speed. If you want the best blender for chopping ice, then you should include speed in your specifications.

If you get a blender that has a low speed, then you have to be prepared to spend longer times in the kitchen.

The efficiency of a blender to crush ice is in its speed. Do not overlook this feature for any reason at all; else you would get nothing close to the best blender for chopping ice and frozen fruit.

Type of the Appliance: 

There are different types of blenders that might suit your needs . They are the countertop, immersion and personal blenders. Among the three, the countertop is the most powerful. If you are looking for a kitchen heli  with power, then you know now which one would provide just that for you.

Design of the Blade and Other Materials: 

Frozen fruits and ice cubes are hard, and a weak blade would only struggle to rotate without crushing anything.

If you want to get a blender that can be called the best blender for ice and frozen fruit, then you would need to get the one with unbreakable blades. If claimed to be unbreakable,  blades are usually unmalleable and would last for quite some time.

The Power of the Ice Crushing Jar:

Getting an ice crushing blender with a weak jar would produce broken jars for you more times than not. Blenders with ice crusher might not pose this problem, but good blenders for ice would most likely do so.

A motor powerful enough to break the ice would cause a lot of pressure on the jar as the ice ram the jar from random motion. Make sure to check the profile of the jar by reviewing the materials used in its construction.

You should ensure that you choose a durable ice crushing jar that is both resistant to impact and made with heavy co-polyester and polycarbonate and are BPA free..


The worst thing closer to buying a weak blender is that it is hard to clean. You must ensure that the jar is easy to clean and is safe to use with a dishwasher. If not, keep searching for one that meets this criterion. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Ice-Crushing Blender:

Ice crushing blenders are more powerful than the conventional blenders. They are designed for heavy-duty purposes and are supposed to  handle tougher loads than the traditional blenders. That’s their advantage.

The main disadvantage of ice crushing blenders is their power consumption.

Now we turn to the best ways to use ice choppers.

Best Ways to Use an Ice-Crushing Blender:

For your “best blender for chopping ice” to reach its professed status, using it correctly is essential. Do not expect optimum performance from a blender just because it is called the best blender for chopping ice and frozen fruit.

Following the guidelines  below should help your blender keep its best shape:

  • Needless to say that you should go through the manual to ensure you know how to use the equipment. Of course, the blender has to be suitable for ice crushing before you should consider using it as an ice crusher.

  • Remove the ice you want to crush from the freezer and let it rest for about five minutes.
  • Add the ice to about one-third the capacity of the blender to allow plenty of room for the broken ice to fly around. You can add water to speed up the process.
  • Cover the blender with the lid, and pulse the ice for about five to seven times each with a two-second burst.
  • Set the blender to medium speed to crush or chop the ice, then churn it by shaking the pitcher for about fifteen to thirty seconds.
  • Continue the above procedure until it reaches your desired texture or consistency.

Comparison Table of the Products:

Product Name


Customer Ratings



Mater​​​​ial Type


BlendWorks All In One High-Speed Industrial.


1500 watts


Stainless Steel

Mengk Smoothies 1500w - 2000w


1500 -2000 watts


Food grade PC material(BPA-Free)


Aimores Commercial Smoothies Milkshake Icecream


900 watts



Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop


1000 watts



Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes


1100 Watts



Reviews of the Best Blender for Chopping Ice And Frozen Fruit:

1. BlendWorks All In One High-Speed Industrial Strength Blender Set:

The BlendWorks blender set is one of the revolutionary and most innovative blenders set with a lot of features that would leave you in awe. These features include the High-performance variable speed control which comes with 1500 W of power at 120 V.

It also consists of a 2.0 HP motor that is powerful and quiet. It rotates at 30,000 RPMand has6-way stainless steel blades. The 6-way blades enable to blend in three ways; Liquify, Pulse and Crushing. The crushing method comes with variable speed control to enhance the crushing of ice and making smoothies.

 A handy blender one would call it, and it high work rate would make it safe to tag it as a heavy-duty blender. It has a large capacity and has materials that are safe for dishwashers. Its 3-year warranty is enough to keep you rest assured of its capabilities.  Check out the Customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Tamper-friendly material
  • Three unique blending methods
  • High performance and reliability
  • check
    Suitable for most kitchen foods
  • check
    Phthalate-free materials
  • check
    Long warranty


  • A costly equipment
  • Too tall to fit into a kitchen cabinet
  • Only offers three methods of blending

2. Mengk Smoothies 1500w - 2000w Blenders for Shakes

The Mengk Smoothies blender is a 2000 W professional blender that has a remarkable rotational speed of 27,000 RPM. This blazing fast speed is sure to help you get your shake smooth enough and also help you crush any ice present.

It is a very efficient blender for grinding ice, pureeing and controlled processing. One might not see the exclusive benefits of this blender if one considers its size. It is about 67 ounces and made from ABS materials. The ABS materials make it an ideal blender for different forms of food from homemade to commercially produced foods.

One would say that the efficient delivery of this blender is due to the presence of the six stainless steel blades. The efficiency of the blades makes it possible to get most of the nutrients out of the fruits after just a few seconds of crushing and blending. With the stirring rod inside, the possibilities are endless. Have a look at it on Amazon.


  • Can attain 2000 W power rating
  • Large capacity blender
  • Lightweight
  • check
    Six stainless steel blades
  • check
    High-speed blending


  • No warranty assurance
  • Among the higher end class of blenders in price

3. Aimores Commercial Smoothies Milkshake Icecream Blender:

If you are seeking versatility, then you have come to the right place. The Aimores Blender is a power-packed blender for ice cream and smoothies and other foods you want to blend. It comes with eight different programmed settings. It is the best blender for chopping ice and frozen fruit.

One is mainly known for making soups and another for smoothies, while the rest of the settings include speed, timing, keep warm, pulse, crush and stir. Al these settings come in handy, and this versatility is what a lot of people seek in a blender. Checking out the design, you would be left in awe when you realize what the Aimores Blender is designed with.

It is made of boron glass that includes eight pillars that are resistant to flow and eight stainless steel blades. The steel blades are not just there to show off numbers but to create the vortex and turbulence needed for your smoothies and ice crushing. In a matter of seconds, the ice cubes would become to snow. Check out the Customer reviews on Amazon


  • Comes with eight programmed settings
  • High-quality build materials
  • Heating programmed function
  • check
    High-speed RPM
  • check
    Safety and quality certified


  • No full assurance of a warranty
  • Price is among the expensive sections of blenders

4. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender 

The Ninja professional blender is one with a smooth design and elegance. It has a very stunning appearance, and its color does well enough to bring out its beauty. It is a blender of outstanding performance, even for its price. 

It is about a thousand watts of power and does well to deliver your crushing need with its maximum potential. It has a maximum liquid capacity of 64 ounces and is wonderful for ice crushing, pureeing, blending, and controlled processing. It is important to point out that the efficiency of the blender is high and one should not be surprised if it crushes ice to snow in a matter of seconds.

It is perfect for blending and crushing large batches of frozen fruits and ice. So if you are making margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, frozen drinks or anything creamy, you should turn to the Ninja professional blender.


  • Very affordable
  • 6-blade blender
  • Fast ice crushing
  • check
    Ideal for large batches of blending
  • check
    1000 watts of power


  • Not as lightweight as its peers
  • The low price may assume for low quality

Check this great deal on Amazon.

5. Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

If you have seen a lot of blenders, I can assure you that you have not seen one like the Aimores commercial blender. It is a blender with a digital display panel, something not common today. It does not just come with the digital display only, but with a ton of features that would interest you.

 The Aimores commercial blender comes with six programmed speeds and six other programmed settings that make blending an easy task for you. In some cases, you can prefer this blender because of its digital display. Some people do not like manual controls, but the same can’t be said about digital controls.

A lot of people prefer digital controls, and this makes it easier to use for a more substantial number of people. The Aimores commercial blender does not just boast of a digital display with backlight, but of some features that are attractive. It is ideal for large capacity blending at home, and it does this efficiently. For more details, click here.


  • Digital display with backlight
  • Large capacity blender
  • High-quality steel blades
  • check
    Safety assurance performance
  • check
    Six programmed speeds and six programmed settings
  • check


  • The low price might lead to assumptions of low quality
  • Durability not assured

Finishing Line

There are different blenders, and they all come with their unique features. The only way you can choose the perfect one for you is by knowing what you want. Knowing what you would allow you to select the perfect blender.

The reason is that the most expensive blender might not meet your need well. So the best blender for chopping ice is based solely on your discretion, plus your consideration of the factors we discussed at the beginning of this article.