How to Freeze Pears for Smoothies [Complete Guide]

How to Freeze Pears for Smoothies

Crunchy, sweet, and juicy! Fresh pears are delicious for snacking or as a low-cal, low-sugar dessert.When you add them to a fresh smoothie, you have a filling breakfast. An instant meal brimming with the goodness of whole foods and vital nutrients. Better yet, when you make smoothies at home, you avoid all the extra sugar and … Read more

How to Freeze potatoes Without Blanching

Raw Potatoes

Because of the nutrients and versatility potatoes provide, you can find them in most households. Their versatility is second to none as you can fry, roast, boil, or even use them as a side dish.  Yet, just like other perishable foods, potatoes cannot last in your home forever; you might need to preserve them to use … Read more

“Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? 2023’s Guide on How to Do It”


Smoked salmon is one of my family’s favorite treats. We put it on crepes, crackers, and even bagels. My husband loves to fish during the summer, and occasionally he will fly out to Alaska to catch fresh, wild salmon that we save throughout the year. To preserve freshly-smoked salmon, you can freeze it to maintain the deliciousness … Read more