Can My Philips Air Fryer Dehydrate Food? [Recipe Idea + How To]

Rows of dried colorful kiwi slices

It seems that everywhere you turn, someone has discovered a new and ingenious way to use your air fryer! There are an endless amount of cooking techniques to discover, especially if you have a Philips Air Fryer. Air fryers have the capability to dehydrate and fry foods while using minimal oil, a popular aspect for foodies … Read more

Can You Use a Cast Iron Griddle on an Electric Stove? [Complete Guide]

Electric stovetop turned on

You finally got that swanky glass stovetop you’ve been eyeing for a while now. An electric one at that! As you take out your cast iron griddle to make breakfast, you suddenly worry … Can your delicate-looking stovetop handle the heavy cookware? Before we discuss cast iron and electric glass tops in greater detail, here is the short … Read more