How to Use Non Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop

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Have you just upgraded your kitchen to include a fancy induction cooktop?

Well, first off — congratulations!

We just know you’re going to love creating healthy meals in your updated home kitchen. Induction cooktops are especially amazing if you have little ones in the house. No more worrying about tiny hands getting hurt by touching still-hot burners!

So, you’ve got the new range, but before you can get to cooking, have you considered your pots and pans?

Not all cookware sets are induction compatible. If you don’t want to buy a whole new set of induction-ready pots and pans, what are your other options?

We’ll talk about what makes induction so great and how to adapt your existing non-induction cookware to meet your induction cooktop needs!

What’s the Deal with Induction Cooktops?

Never heard of cooking with induction before? New to the world of energy-efficient cooking?

These cooktops are incredible because of science! On an electromagnetic induction stovetop, only your cookware heats up. Meaning if you accidentally touch the burner, you’ll be just fine. No more burns.

Also, because the cooktop doesn’t get hot — you save energy. Ultimately, this will save you money on your utility bills, how cool is that? 

Can You Use Regular Pans on Induction Cooktops?

As a general rule, if the cookware is magnetic it will work on the induction cooktop. You can use a magnet to test your cookware at home.

If the cookware is magnetic — great! One other crucial detail: it must have a flat bottom. If the pan is warped or won’t sit making direct contact with the entire burner, it won’t work.

Here are some examples of induction-friendly cookware types:

  • Cast iron*
  • Enameled cast iron
  • Most stainless steel

If the stainless steel has a high nickel content it may block the magnetic field rendering it not induction-compatible.

*Always take caution when using cast iron on your induction cooktop. Cast iron works great because it is heavy and flat-bottomed, but because it is so heavy it can also damage your stovetop if you aren’t careful. Set it on the surface carefully, don’t drop. And never drag it, in case there is food or debris that may catch and scratch your lovely cooking surface!

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What About My Nonstick Pans?

If they’re magnetic and warp-resistant, you can absolutely use your nonstick on induction. 

However, there is one caveat:

Try to never heat the pan over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you’ll risk the nonstick coating releasing toxic fumes into the air.

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What Pans Do Not Work With Induction?

Anything that isn’t magnetic. 

So, think materials like:

  • Glass
  • Copper


  • Aluminum

Unless the manufacturer specially made them with a magnetic material on the bottom. Be sure to check for “induction-ready” or “induction-compatible” when shopping for your new set!

Ready to go shopping? First check out: Top 7 Best Cookware For Induction Glass Top Stove

How to Use Non-Induction Cookware on your Induction Stove

If you don’t want to buy all new cookware (though that would be fun, right?), here’s what you can do.

One crazy cool trick:

Buy an interface disk.

A what?

Converter Disc for Induction Cooking

Picture a frying pan, but remove the sides. You’re left with a flat disc plus a handle. This disc sits on your stovetop making direct magnetic connection with the induction cooktop. Place your non-induction cookware on top of the disc and you’re cookin’ with gas! Or, rather, cooking with electromagnetism!

No products found. Like this 11-inch stainless steel adapter plate available on Amazon. 


  • Durable
  • Even heat distribution
  • Lightweight
  • No assembly or batteries required
  • Returnable 


  • Must hand wash, not dishwasher safe

Here’s another even more budget-friendly option also available on Amazon: 9.45-inch stainless steel adapter plate.

No products found.


  • Very affordable
  • You don’t have to buy expensive new cookware
  • Even heat distribution
  • Removable heat-insulating handle
  • Easy to store


  • You’ll need to buy several depending on the varying sizes of the circles on your induction cooktop

But, wait! There’s more:

Do you love all things DIY? Then head to your local hardware store (or to avoid covid-19, do some social-distance-friendly shopping on Amazon. Hello, prime 2-day shipping!).

DIY Induction Cooktop Converter Disc

Pick up a sheet of steel wire mesh. You should be able to grab this pretty cheaply.

You’ll need wire cutters to trim it down until it is twice the size of your cooktop. Now, fold it in half. This way you’ll have two layers of mesh between the cooktop and the pan you place on top.

Use caution when touching the mesh as it will heat up. Let it cool or use gloves to remove when you’re finished cooking. Store somewhere safe.  

If you go with a converter disc and still want new cookware, here’s our list of Top 15 Best Cookware To Use On A Ceramic Glass Cooktop.


There you have it, the answer to “can I use non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop?”

Yes, you sure can! You just need to first:

  • Check if it’s magnetic
  • If it is, proceed as normal
  • If it isn’t, grab or make a converter disc!
  • (or just buy some new pans, you deserve it!)

Now, for the really tough question, “what will be the first meal you make on your induction cooktop?” We recommend something healthy, but delicious. Check out our tried and tested recipes

You’ll flip for the fish and dream of the desserts long after eating. Our readers especially love this grilled shrimp scampi and our recipe for strawberry french macarons!

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve tried and loved one of our recipes or request a recipe for an ingredient you want to learn how to use!

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