How Long Can Rice Sit Out? [A Complete Guide with Q&A]

A plate of rice on the table, next to an hourglass

Aromatic saffron pilaf, creamy mushroom risotto, and crispy tofu stir fry! They are delicious dishes with one common element – rice! A versatile plant food that blends into every type of dish from savory and sweet to meaty and vegan.Rice is the major source of carbs for half the world’s population. This staple ingredient, particularly white … Read more

How to Properly Freeze Wild Turkey Meat?

How To Freeze Wild Turkey Meat

Are you the kind of cook who enjoys a good bird roast without the excuse of a holiday?With numerous recipes featuring domestic and supermarket turkey, you can cook and serve it any time and in any style you prefer.How about the wild, free-range version of this delicious meat? Maybe a neighbor or friend brought back some … Read more

Can You Freeze Mussels Without Cooking?

Steamed mussels in a white bowl

Do you enjoy trying new foods and flavors? Perhaps you prefer to play it safe and cook familiar and favorite foods and stick to your standard recipes. You lack the time to learn new or complex recipes, or you’re not sure of the family’s reaction to an unusual dish.Most likely, you’re wary about handling certain ingredients like … Read more