Quick and Easy Keto Frozen Meals for Success!

easy Keto Frozen Meals

Are you interested in the KETOGENIC diet?  Are you confused about what the KETOGENIC diet is and why it’s so popular? Let me help answer some of these questions and hopefully give you some good tips and recipes for implementing the KETOGENIC way of eating into your lifestyle. Preplanning your KETO frozen meals is a sure … Read more

German vs. Japanese Knives: Who Makes the Best?


A Chef knife is basically an extension of a chef’s arm. This is the number one tool within a chef’s arsenal so there is no wonder why they would want the best of the best. In choosing your knife, there is only one comparison that stands out: German vs. Japanese knives. Without contest, German and … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Blenders for Green Smoothies

The Best Blender for green smoothie

Let’s be honest: Green smoothies are the perfect on-the-go food. From sparing us the cooking mess to sneaking a bunch of much-needed nutrients to the mix, these mini-meals (if we can call them that!) are practically a godsend for every conscious eater out there. Unfortunately, hitting up the local juice store every other day can be … Read more

Which Vitamix Blender is The Best to Buy ?

Which Vitamix blender to buy

Most smoothies taste good, but Vitamix smoothies can taste incredible. But are you wondering which Vitamix blender to buy? Each of the blenders featured here is power-packed, are designed to retain natural food flavors and blended-to-perfection blends.  Hot soups, purees, smoothies, nut butter all get prepared quickly. They taste yummy and are smoother in texture. Anything from preparing … Read more