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Rekha, your foodie writer here! From auditing clients’ financial statements and weighing ingredients as a baker to sharing my love for food with the written word, it’s been an exhilarating journey. 

Food is so much more than a bunch of ingredients thrown together. Cooking for me is science, art, history, and culture combined. A mood enhancer, community builder, and a tool that allows me to share my love for food, ideas, research and knowledge with my reader –  YOU.

Growing up in the melting pot that is Mumbai introduced me to a whole new world of bold flavors and fascinating ingredients. Food styling showed me the power of the humble garnish. An everyday comfort meal like a carrot soup or a bean curry turns Insta worthy with some herbs, lemon slices or seeds. Sheer magic!

Travel (cookbook and get-on-the-plane kind) constantly inspires me to get creative with dishes, techniques, and flavors. I can still taste the Pain au Chocolat from a boulangerie- patisserie in Paris, the homemade raspberry jam from a picturesque village in Cotswold, or the Shaved Ice Cream from that cramped parlor in Singapore.

My favorite kitchen appliance is hands-down my trusty little oven. This is the third one I own in my three decades as a home baker (the first one gifted by my dad). 

I love making lasagnas, casseroles, puff pastry, cookies and of course, a mean brownie with it.

Baking gets me all excited and particularly happy when my nephews enjoy my exploration of eggless and vegan baking.

Health issues, read PCOS, and resulting weight gain got me interested in nutrition and even veganism for a couple of years. Vegan baking (great results) and sugarless baking (major fails) are my latest pet projects (I hope to get another shot at my home bakery idea someday  soon).

When I am not creating new recipes for family and clients alike, you can find me  practicing my food styling and photography skills or catching up on reading (science fiction and fantasy). I do enjoy a good cookbook on baking, food travel, plant food or clean eating.

Contact with me for any questions you may have on everything food:

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E-203, Sumadura Pranavam, Graphite India Road, Whitefield, Bangalore,  India