Can You Use Vegetable Oil In A Deep Fryer? [Quick Answer & FAQ]

Can You Use Vegetable Oil In A Deep Fryer?

Deep fried food is delicious. Hardly anything beats those funnel cakes you get at the local county fair, the juiciness of deep fried chicken, or warm beignets from New Orleans.There are a myriad of foods you can throw in a deep fryer, and the likelihood of yummy meals is quite high. If you are a first-time … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Fry French Fries In A Deep Fryer [And How To Do It!]

Top view of golden french fries in a glass, sprinkled

French fries are one of the most beloved sides in America. Sometimes, entire meals center around these petite golden potato delicacies. If you’ve just purchased a deep fryer, one of the first things you may want to cook are french fries. You may be wondering where to begin when making french fries and how long they … Read more

What Happens When You Put Ice In A Deep Fryer? [Quick Answer & Top Tips]

Hand holding golden, deep fried onion rings

Have you ever wondered what happens when hot oil and ice mix? If you’ve ever used a deep fryer, chances are you have had this interesting question pop into your head.As much as I love deep fried food, especially delicious Southern fried chicken, sometimes there are items that one should never mix while cooking. Two elements you … Read more