How to Cook Frozen Onion Rings in the Philips Air Fryer [Step By Step]

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Are you someone who loves crispy onion rings but wants to stay healthy? Well, you're in luck! 

In this article, we'll show you how to cook frozen onion rings in your Philips Airfryer. They are both delicious and healthier than the deep fried version. 

Cooking with an Airfryer has many benefits over traditional deep-frying, including using less oil and making clean-up a breeze. 

So, let's dive in and learn how to cook onion rings in your Airfryer, step-by-step, with some additional tips and tricks to make them even more delectable.

The airfryer is a game-changer when it comes to making fried foods. When you deep fry, you have to wait for the large pot of oil to heat up, and this takes some time. Additionally, you need to constantly monitor the temperature and adjust it to ensure that the fried food cooks evenly. 

But with a Philips air fryer, you simply set the timer and let it do the work for you. This saves time and allows you to focus on other tasks while your food is cooking. Not to mention that it reduces the amount of oil used in cooking, making it a healthier option for you and your loved ones. It is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Keep on reading to find out more about using your appliance.

Preheat Your Philips Air Fryer 

Now, let's get to the crispy part of cooking onion rings in your Philips Airfryer. The process is relatively straightforward and remember that there is no need to use oil in an air fryer. 

The first thing you want to do is preheat your Airfryer to 400°F (or 200°C) for 3–5 minutes.

Chef’s Note: 

Preheating is NOT necessary when cooking your onion rings. But if you have a few minutes to spare, then it can help you speed up the air frying process.

It also prevents your food from sticking to the basket. You can use parchment paper or aluminum foil to line the basket before placing your onion rings inside. This makes clean-up even easier.

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Air Frying Your Frozen Onion Rings 

After preheating, take your frozen onion rings out of the packaging and separate them. Add a little oil or cooking spray for extra crispiness and to prevent them from sticking to the basket. An optional step that sometimes adds a level of crunchiness. 

You can also add some spices or herbs to your onion rings for extra flavor. Simply toss your onion rings in the seasoning of your choice before placing them in the Philips air fryer. 

Season and Assemble Your Onion Rings 

This recipe is very simple, so why not add in an extra step that will elevate the flavor of your food? For onion rings, add seasoning at the beginning or a yummy sauce at the end to take your snack to the next level. 

Some different spices you may consider adding to your onion rings could be: 

  • Salt and Pepper (the basic seasoning  option) 
  • Paprika (check out this Paprika on Amazon) 
  • Cajun Seasoning (another great seasoning option on Amazon)
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning 
  • Onion Powder 
  • Garlic Powder

Just to name a few! These spices add a new dimension to cooking and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Beware of Overcrowding Your Philips Air Fryer 

Once you’ve seasoned your onion rings, it's time to cook them. Place the frozen onion rings in the basket in a single layer and make sure not to overcrowd them. 

I find that my Philips air fryer cooks food perfectly 99.9% of the time, but when it doesn’t, it is usually down to one reason. 

I have stuffed as much food as possible into the cooking basket. 

Don’t do this. 

Air Frying Frozen Onion Rings 

Cook for 8–10 minutes, shaking the basket or flipping the onion rings halfway through to ensure even cooking.

If you decide to give the Philips air fryer basket a good shake, consider lining the air fryer basket with aluminum foil. This will prevent any food particles from venturing down to the bottom of your air fryer chamber which making it tricky to clean.

If you want crispier onion rings, you can add a little more oil or cooking spray before cooking. 

Top Tip: Using a rack or tray in your Airfryer to cook your onion rings elevates them, allowing hot air to circulate around them and cook them more evenly.

Top Tip:

Using a rack or tray in your Airfryer to cook your onion rings elevates them, allowing hot air to circulate around them and cook them more evenly.

As with anything, cooking from frozen can be a little difficult. Luckily the Philips Air Fryer is equipped enough to handle this. 

Check Your Air Fryer for Doneness 

After 8–10 minutes of cooking, check your onion rings for doneness. They should be crispy, golden brown, and fully cooked. If they need more time, simply cook for an additional 2,--3 minutes. Be sure to check them frequently to ensure they don't burn.

Once your onion rings are cooked to perfection, it's time to serve and enjoy! You can serve them as a snack, side dish, or even as a topping for burgers and sandwiches. 

To take your onion rings to the next level, try pairing them with your favorite dipping sauce. 

Some popular options include ketchup, ranch dressing, and honey mustard. You can also get creative and make your own dipping sauces using ingredients like sour cream, BBQ sauce, or using Greek yogurt as a base. Add herbs like dill or basil for a fresh and tangy flavor.

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Air Frying Onion Rings to Perfection 

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you make the perfect onion rings in your Philips Airfryer. 

Tip 1 - Remember the Golden Rule of Air Frying

Don't overcrowd the basket - As I mentioned earlier, make sure to cook your onion rings in a single layer and avoid overcrowding the basket. This helps to ensure even cooking and crispy results.

Tip 2 - Air Fry Different Onions

If you are making onion rings from scratch, get creative and try out different types of onions. While classic yellow onions are the most common choice for onion rings, you can experiment with other types of onions like Vidalia onions or sweet onions for a unique flavor.

My personal favorite onions are the huge white onions. They look fantastic and cook really well in the Philips Air Fryer.

Tip 3 - Take Your Time While Air Frying 

Let the onion rings cool before eating. Letting your onion rings cool for a few minutes after cooking not only ensures that they are easier to handle, but helps to retain their crispy texture. 

Cooling lets the moisture evaporate from the surface of the onion rings, leaving behind a crispy and crunchy exterior. It's important to be patient and wait for a few minutes before digging in to avoid burns from the hot oil or air.

Tip 4 - Clean Your Air Fryer

Clean your Philips air fryer regularly. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure that your Philips air fryer continues to function properly and produces great-tasting food. Neglecting to clean your air fryer can lead to a build-up of oil and food particles. This clogging of the cooking chamber and vents can affect the taste and quality of your meals, as well as potentially damage the appliance. 

Therefore, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and care. Simply wipe down the exterior and interior of the appliance and clean the basket and tray.

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Tip 5 - Experiment with Different Air Fryer Recipes

Try using different foods in the air fryer. The Philips Airfryer is not only great for cooking onion rings, but it can also cook a variety of other foods. Air fryers are a versatile and convenient kitchen tool that can cook everything from chicken wings to vegetables. 

One of my favorite recipes I have done in my air fryer was dehydrated kiwis! This process didn’t take very long and you can store the dried fruit for a while. It was such a yummy addition to my porridge and yogurt in the mornings

Other foods you can cook in your Airfryer include crispy french fries, fish, roasted vegetables, and bacon. 

By following some simple tips and tricks, you can achieve delicious results with minimal oil and effort. Don't hesitate to experiment with different foods and seasonings in your Philips air fryer, and always remember to clean and maintain it.

Final Remarks 

In conclusion, the Philips Airfryer is a fantastic kitchen appliance that allows you to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals. 

Not only does it make cooking frozen onion rings easy, but it also offers a healthy alternative to deep-frying, making it a great option for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

By using minimal oil and following some simple cooking tips, you can achieve crispy and delicious results with ease. Moreover, the versatility of the air fryer allows you to cook a range of other foods, from chicken wings and fish to roasted vegetables and tasty onion rings. 

Experiment with different ingredients and seasonings for endless tasty variations. 

Lastly, remember to clean and maintain your air fryer properly to ensure its longevity and continued performance. 

Overall, the Philips air fryer is an excellent investment for anyone looking to cook healthy, delicious, and convenient meals.

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