Can Food Processors Slice Meat? [+ How to Do it!]

How do you slice with a food processor?

The other day I stumbled upon a delicious-looking beefsteak fajita recipe.But I mean, this dish looked amazing.I worried, however, about how time-consuming manually slicing the raw meat into fajita strips would end up being. So I started wondering how I could turn that unappealing task into something quick and easy, and it dawned on me: What if … Read more

Is the Black & Decker Food Processor Good?


When it comes to kitchen appliances, people tend to worry most about blenders, beaters, graters, even the trendy new air fryers. Yet, there is one device that is dreadfully underrated and that is the food processor.Need to grate your cheese for homemade pizza? You got it. Grind meat for your burgers? No problem. Blend fruit for your breakfast smoothie?Delicious. How … Read more

How Long Do Food Processors Last?

How long should a food processor last

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting all excited over acquiring an innovative new kitchen gadget …Only to have it break down a couple of months later.We can get an estimate through the warranty each brand and model offers. For example, Cuisinart offers a three-year limited warranty for its 14-cup food processor.On the other hand, KitchenAid … Read more

Best Vegan-Friendly Food Processors: A 2024 Buyer’s Guide


Going vegan is a big choice.Another big choice? Choosing a high-quality food processor to invest in! It’s a big deal because your vegan lifestyle will require you to make more meals at home now.Not just any old kitchen appliance will do. You want something that will last and add excitement to your meals. In this article, … Read more