Can You Use A Cast Iron on A Ceramic Glass Cooktop?

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Are you curious what pans are best suited for your glass cooktop?

You may be surprised that not all pots and pans are suitable for your stove. Read below to find out what the best options for you are. 

Cooking can be a fun way to get out extra energy, create something beautiful, and enjoy it with your family. There are so many kitchen gadgets to choose from, but not all of them will work for you. 

Different stove tops require different materials to make cooking flavorful and fun. Finding a unique set of pans for your kitchen can seem like tedious work; however, it can be fun to look around and shop for kitchenware. 

If you have a ceramic glass cooktop you will want to understand the best cooking utensils you can use. There is nothing better than a glass cooktop, but you will need the correct items to cook the best food with. This is a list of the best cooking sets for a glass cooktop.  

Q: Is there a way you can use a cast iron if you have a glass cooktop? 

A: You may be surprised to find out that you can use cast iron on a glass cooktop; however there are much better choices for your cooktop.  

It is not recommended to use it because a cast iron on a glass cooktop will scratch the surface and overall be too rough for the kitchenware.  

The best materials will be made from enamel and porcelain, but not cast iron. This may be your favorite way to cook your morning eggs, but fear not, we have other options for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Cookware For Glass Cooktops

The best thing to look for when shopping for new cookware is to look for extremely smooth surfaces and no rough edges. You will also want to make sure it is a light pan, unlike the cast iron. Looking for these characteristics will help you find the best pan for your glass cooktop. 

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

These fantastic pans are nearly indestructible and absolutely gorgeous to add into your kitchen. Unfortunately this cast iron is very heavy and can cause a lot of damage to your glass stovetop if you are not careful.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

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However, this cast iron is great for everyday use, and you can even take it camping. It is small enough to pack and store away, or to keep out for large meals while home. If you buy this skillet you will need to purchase an induction mat because this will help protect your stovetop.


  • Portable
  • Decent size
  • Made in the United States


  • It is not the best choice for a glass stovetop
  • It can leave heavy and deep scratches on your stove
  • You will need to purchase extra protection for your stove

Click here to see owner reviews on Amazon.

T-Fall Anodized Cookware

This is an outstanding choice because the anodized set will have a red ring circling it to signal when it is adequately heated on any piece you buy. You can choose one part of the set or the entire 12 pieces set to start cooking.

T Fal Anodized Cookware

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However, if you have an induction stovetop, you will not want to choose this brand. This is good for electric glass stovetops. These pans are light enough; they will not scratch the surface, and they are very smooth, which makes it easy to clean. 


  • Comes with everything you need
  • Can come individually
  • Light and not heavy


  • Bad for induction burners

You can easily buy this set on amazon or your favorite kitchen store!

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Set

This brand is a very good choice because it is easy to find in almost any kitchen store or online store. These pans are made from tri-ply stainless steel and aluminum. This makes it light, non-textured, and perfect for your glass top stove.

Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel

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If you buy the set, it will come with baking sheets that can be used in various ovens. The pans can be used on many different styles of stoves and will never disappoint you.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for all ovens
  • Excellent for glass stovetops
  • Speed can be controlled during blending
  • Non-textured


  • Hard to find in some areas and will need to order online

Since you will be working on a ceramic glass stovetop, you should avoid other ceramic products. Though it is deemed safe to use, it could cause other problems to your stove. Aim for aluminum, enamel, or stainless steel. Also, remember that cast iron will not be the best choice for your stove.  Purchase this now, and get started cooking your favorite meals.

Frequently Asked Questions & Buyer’s Guide

Q: How to  keep your cast iron from scratching the stove top?

Answer: Cast iron skillets are not good for your glass stove top. If you are convinced it is the only way you can cook, then you need to buy an induction mat that allows you to protect your glass stove top.

Q: What style of pan should you avoid?

Answer: Avoid anything with a rounded bottom. Always go for something smooth and flat.

Q: Where is the best place to get the perfect pan?

Answer: You can shop online, but sometimes it is best to head to your local kitchen store. This allows you to see how it feels while holding it, and feel the texture of the pan.

What Is the Difference in Glass Cooktops? 

There are so many different versions of cooktops or smooth tops. Though you may hear they are made of glass, they are made very special and are much stronger than glass. There are four main types you may see on a sales floor. The differences you see in them will be minor. However, the cookware you can use will vary.


This cooktop uses magnets to interact with your pans. The interaction causes the heating of the pan. Not all cookware will work with these types of stove tops. You will need to read the features of your set very carefully.  


There are heat coils under the ceramic glass that react nicely with the pan to heat up your food evenly.  


This is a stove that uses some metal coils but also half halogen bulbs. 


This only uses halogen bulbs; there are no metal pieces to create heat.  

If you have a hard time telling when the stove is on, we highly recommend finding a cooktop that uses halogen bulbs. You will always be able to tell when the cooktop is one. They also cool down much faster than any other kind of cooktop, which is one reason it is the best kind of ceramic cooktop you can buy.

Benefits of Using a Ceramic Cooktop 

 1. Ceramic cooktops are outstanding because they are super easy to clean. You don’t need to take out any burner grates like you would on a gas stove. Instead, you can wait until it cools down and clean it with a sponge.  

 2. They heat up much faster than other stoves. Induction stovetops can help you boil water twice as quickly and cook just about anything at double the speed. They also cool down faster than a gas stove would be able to.  

 3. Ceramic cooktops are safer than gas stoves. This is probably the most crucial benefit. These cooktops are way safer than a gas stove and will help protect you and your family from unwanted situations. 

 4. Some of the cooktops you can find will also turn off automatically if they are too hot for too long. There will also be no gas lines running through your house. If you live in a stormy area, this could save your house and even your life by switching to an electric style stovetop.


Ceramic cooktops are trendy, can keep you safe, and help you cook food way faster. You will want to make sure you get the right cookware set to keep it clean, unscratched, and use it easily. Cast iron is not the best choice for these kinds of stoves, and you will want to avoid using anything with a super rough texture. Be sure to go for smooth pans that are light even with food in them.  

What style of stove do you have? What is your favorite cookware set?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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