Can You Use Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer? [Five Tips & Tricks]

Can You Use Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer

The Philips Air Fryer has taken the culinary world by storm, changing the way people cook their food. The air fryer is an extremely versatile and efficient cooking appliance that you may find in many homes across America and beyond.  Its popularity stems from the fact that it will cook food perfectly with less time than … Read more

Can My Philips Air Fryer Dehydrate Food? [Recipe Idea + How To]

Rows of dried colorful kiwi slices

It seems that everywhere you turn, someone has discovered a new and ingenious way to use your air fryer! There are an endless amount of cooking techniques to discover, especially if you have a Philips Air Fryer. Air fryers have the capability to dehydrate and fry foods while using minimal oil, a popular aspect for foodies … Read more

What are the Best Frying Pans for a Standard Cooktop? [Top Tips & Which Pans to Choose]

A standard cooktop in a clean and modern kitchen.

A well-constructed frying pan is integral for any kitchen. Whether you are looking to whip up scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning, saute some veggies, or fry a juicy steak, quality frying pans will help you achieve your culinary dreams and beyond. There are many kinds of frying pans out on the market right now, and we … Read more

Can You Use Vegetable Oil In A Deep Fryer? [Quick Answer & FAQ]

Can You Use Vegetable Oil In A Deep Fryer?

Deep fried food is delicious. Hardly anything beats those funnel cakes you get at the local county fair, the juiciness of deep fried chicken, or warm beignets from New Orleans.There are a myriad of foods you can throw in a deep fryer, and the likelihood of yummy meals is quite high. If you are a first-time … Read more

Best Frying Pan for Glass Top Stove [Compare and Contrast Charts + Best Pan to Use]

Best Frying Pan for Glass Top Stove

Glass top stoves have been gaining traction over the years and have become a staple in modern kitchen design. Glass top stoves are easy to clean, look incredibly stylish, and are remarkably convenient to care for. It is no question that if you are an owner of a glass top stove (like I am), then you … Read more