Fridge Vs. Refrigerator: Is There a Difference & What Is It? [+ More Answers!

Difference between Fridge and Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a large purchase with long-term costs associated with it. They’re an investment with details that many people don’t know about, such as the actual difference between a refrigerator vs. fridge.So… what is the difference?In short, they’re the same thing! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to break down here. Refrigerators come … Read more

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? How to Do It!


Smoked salmon is one of my family’s favorite treats. We put it on crepes, crackers, and even bagels. My husband loves to fish during the summer, and occasionally he will fly out to Alaska to catch fresh, wild salmon that we save throughout the year. To preserve freshly-smoked salmon, you can freeze it to maintain the deliciousness … Read more

How To Reset Temperature On A Samsung Refrigerator [Learn Now!]

Digital control panel of the fridge

A Samsung refrigerator is not your typical fridge. They are some of the highest-quality fridges you can find available for purchase — with a sleek design and top of the line construction. Samsung has brought the best fridges to the market, and you will have your pick of top products. Once you bring one home …The first … Read more