How to Properly Freeze Wild Turkey Meat?

How To Freeze Wild Turkey Meat

Are you the kind of cook who enjoys a good bird roast without the excuse of a holiday?With numerous recipes featuring domestic and supermarket turkey, you can cook and serve it any time and in any style you prefer.How about the wild, free-range version of this delicious meat? Maybe a neighbor or friend brought back some … Read more

How Long Can Chicken Marinate In The Fridge? [A Complete Guide with Q&A]

How Long Can Chicken Marinate In The Fridge

Who doesn’t get excited over a juicy chicken dish brimming with flavors?  Chicken is such popular and versatile meat that delights in any makeover you give it, from roasted and broiled to souped and baked. While you can get by adding chicken slices directly in a casserole or stew, rubs and marinades elevate your chicken dish to … Read more

How To Freeze Serrano Pepper (A Complete Guide)

How To Freeze Serrano Pepper

Hot but not stomach burning hot! This perfectly describes your serrano peppers. The medium hot chili surprises you with a tinge that slowly creeps up your tongue and lingers on. Whether you add these green, red, and orange peppers to your favorite bean chili and salsa verde or infuse them in your tequila, you get an … Read more