How to clean an Electric Griddle?

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After Oven and Stovetops, Griddles are the most used kitchen appliance and we all would agree to its good-for-everytime convenience.

The topmost benefit of having an electric griddle is its portability.

Just pick your electric griddle form the kitchen and head towards the hiking, camping, and near-by picnic spots.

Not just the frying and cooking, it can make you many other quick recipes but it’s off-topic for now.

But the problem is, most of us, do not like to clean it with the same enthusiasm as with which we want to use it.

The hindrance to such a situation can be the lack of knowledge of the ideal method.

If so, here we are, and you would not let any trace of grease, dirt, and stains make the griddle surface it’s home.

How to clean an Electric Griddle?

Exaggerations apart, I have seen people changing their entire griddle to avoid putting in the effort to get rid of its built-up grease.

First of all, you can save yourself from such a moment by following a detailed care route every now and then instead of doing it when there is no choice left.

What’s the point of investing in a new griddle and dumping the previous one when it can actually be cleaned to make new back?

If you are out of the ideas, take some from us but use your product to the fullest after investing only once.

Here's what to grab: 


The sponge you use should be average in performance.

To be precise, not too soft that the excess grease does not get any effect of it's rubbing and not too hard either that it does the harm instead.

Flat Spatula

A flat spatula with a wide face (surface) will help in scratching the evil grease off the griddle.

Liquid Soap

The liquid soap mixed in warm water will make a great potion to loosen the grease and dirt friction.


To dip the griddle in the hot water for the cleaning warm-up, take a tub essential to the size of your griddle.

Clean Cloth

A clean cloth for wiping the surface after removing a major part of the greasy gunk.

Heat-resistant Gloves

Since the electric griddle will at first be heated, you would need to remove the grease while it is hot. The heat-resistant gloves will save your hands from the expected burns.

Warm & Cold Water

Initially, the process of warm water will make things easier and then the cold water will do the finishing.

Lets Clean It:

1- Check for any apparent dirt on your griddle that can be removed instantly with hands, do it.

2- Skip this point and jump to the next if the surface of your griddle is not too occupied with grease. Set your griddle to turn it ON and leave for a couple of minutes.

    •    Wear your heat-resistant gloves.

    •    Turn OFF the griddle.

    •    Pick a flat spatula.

    •    Scrub and scratch the loosened grease from the surface.

    •    Keep scratching it until you get rid of the easy-to-remove grease.

3- Take a tub and fill it with warm water.

    •    The water should not be too hot but warm enough to activate the mechanism of light grease for elimination.

4- Put some liquid soap in the tub and mix it well to create strong leather.

5- Let your griddle sit in this mixture for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

6- Now take out the griddle and scratch again.

    •    If you did not follow the 2nd point due to less greasy trouble, start scratching the slight grease gently.

7- Take a sponge and dip it in the hot water.

8- Rub it gently over the grease and bits that do not go off with the spatula.

9- Once you are satisfied with the no-grease surface, rinse it well twice thoroughly.

10- Let it sit in the air for some time.

11- Now take a piece of cloth and dip it in the cold water, not too cold again.

12- Rub it all over the griddle to wipe out the air marks.

Quick Guide; Clean your dirtiest Electric Griddle

Vinegar & Baking Soda Method

This is for sure a very popular cleaning method for any appliance or surface that is extra prone to the grease.

With vinegar and baking soda, both are very reliable in deactivating the adhesion of dirt particles.

Moreover, it makes an amazing scrubbing potion similar to light-react peeling for encouraging a stable and fresher surface than the last.

Follow these steps:

    •    Turn off your griddle from the electric connection and set it to cool down.

    •    Take a moderate-performance sponge and dip it in warm soapy water.

    •    Clean the surface with the sponge by rubbing it as gentle as the condition requires but likewise with full grip.

    •    Now pour some white vinegar mixed with water over the surface, plate whatever part of the griddle that needs cleaning.

    •    Leave it for 2 minutes.

    •    Make a moderate paste of baking soda with water.

    •    Cover the surface of the griddle with this paste, spread it well where you settled the vinegar solution.

    •    Leave it on for another 10 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

    •    Now take another batch of a soapy sponge and rub it for the last time.

    •    Clean it well and leave to dry.

Some Tips for your Electric Griddle

  •  Right after the latest purchase and right before the first employment, clean your griddle thoroughly. Not just the dirty griddles need to be cleaned. The new ones must also be prepared for a healthy and long-term cooking engagement.
  •  Do not let a noob handle the electric griddle without imparting enough knowledge of usage.
  •   Avoid putting the griddle in the dishwasher even if the manual approves. There is no point to do so.
  •  While washing the griddle, be attentive to not let the water and soap run around the electric regulators.
  •  Restrict yourself from using metal spatulas for any reason on your griddle. You can better grab a wooden, nylon and in even best scenario, the plastic one.
  •  After each session of use, quick-clean the surface using a clean cloth dipped in warm water.
  •   If you use it regularly and even 4 days a week, make your griddle go through extensive cleaning sessions on both a weekly and monthly basis.
  •  For gentle cleaning on daily purposes, don't touch the griddle unless it's completely cooled down.
  •  The warm water you use for cleaning the surface should not be of boiling state or else you can do it unnecessary harm instead of benefit.
  •  Do not use the store-bought chemical products for the cleaning, the homemade tips can do a lot better than that.


There is one thing that I want to mention on purpose is the kind suggestion for the material of the griddle. That should be nonstick all in all.

Plus, it would be of importance if you want little hustle of cookware essentials in your kitchen to get started, just like me.

I have divided the workload of my griddle with a very amazing Blue Diamond pan that I use alternatively with the griddle. It saves my griddle from another pump of grease.

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Repeating because necessary, save the electrical connections of the griddle from the water contact. Because if not taken care of, it can spark awfully the next time you switch the plug in the socket. Thank you!

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