Where Are Philips Air Fryers Made? [Short Answer Explained!]

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The Philips air fryer is by far my favorite kitchen appliance I own. We all know cooking can take up a lot of time and energy, and therefore we really appreciate a new cooking appliance that cuts cooking time in half. 

The Philips air fryer helps me cook various foods to perfection while saving me loads of time. 

If you’re wondering where this wonderful and versatile appliance, the Philips air fryer is made, you’re not alone! 

The answer: The Philips air fryer is made in both Europe and in China. The machines are designed in Europe but mainly manufactured in their China factories.  

Before we find out more about the origins of Philips air fryer, let’s read up on what exactly air fryers are and what makes them so popular. 

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers are handy kitchen appliances that are quickly going mainstream! 

The Philips air fryer uses hot air and moves it around quickly around the food in order to cook it to a golden crisp.This method of cooking is similar to that of a traditional convection oven, but the air fryer is a smaller, energy efficient, and cheaper kitchen tool. 

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What is the best part about owning an air fryer? 

SImply put: it is super healthy and uses little to no oil while cooking foods. 

I alternate between using oil and not using it in my air fryer. Both methods work and the food comes out perfect! 

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Another great aspect about air fryers is that they are pretty affordable. You have a wide variety to choose from, but my favorite brand is the Philips air fryer. 

Where Are Philips Air Fryers Made? 

Philips air fryers are mainly made in China. However, according to Best Buy, some of these are also made in Europe

You can check where your Philips air fryer is made is by simply looking at the bottom of your air fryer!

Next time you’re curious, flip your Philips air fryer over (ensure there is no food inside first) and check to see where it is made.

Here’s a photo of what it should look like, below: 

The Bottom of my Philips air fryer

Bottom of my Philips air fryer

Another way to find where your Philips air fryer is produced is by checking it out on Amazon. 

I had a look on the Philips website and this online Philips user manual I found, but was  not successful in determining where the parts of the Philips air fryer are made. 

Luckily, just checking the bottom of your product does the trick. 

Understanding Philips Air Fryer Production 

A lot of air fryers are made in China. We will touch upon the reasons further down the article, but the main reason happens to be low labor costs. 

That being said, major behind the scenes work like technology development, innovation, and even research, takes place in America and in Europe. 

Is the Philips Air Fryer Made in China? 

Philips mentions on their website that their products are designed in the USA. In fact, Philips is a 130-year old multinational Dutch brand with a strong presence in America for decades. 

You may be thinking: is the Philips air fryer made in China or not? 

This is actually a tricky question and requires some background research! The answer to whether or not the Philips air fryer is made in China is both yes and no. 

There are many different layers to producing an air fryer, and manufacturing and assembly of parts is just one aspect of the entire process!

Where are Philips Air Fryers Designed? 

You probably know that creating a consumer or kitchen product inovlves many layers of activity. You have the concept building, actual design, and finally technology adaptation as a series of steps in producing an air fryer.

For example, the patented technology and design for the Philips air fryer actually does come from America. Some of the air fryer innovations out there are so impressive. 

While the idea and technology that goes behind mass producing your favorite air fryer starts in the USA, the production process happens elsewhere. For your Philips air fryer this happens to be China. 

This is a standard practice in today’s outsourcing world with many brands designing their product in one country, manufacturing it in one or more regiosn, and assembling and delivering from another place. 

When we’re talking about innovations, did you know that there is a Philips air fryer that connects to wifi

Why Is The Philips Air Fryer Made in China? 

Most Philips air fryers are made in China because the low cost of producing it justifies the higher mark-up cost and generates more profit for the companies. 

Air fryers in general were never really manufactured in the USA. Infact there is hardly any history in terms of production plants in the USA. With China being the producton hub of the world, these and other kitchen appliances have been predominantly made there. It is only with their increased popularity that air fryers have come under enormous scrutiny.  

Philips is not alone in manufacturing their kitchen products in China. Other popular air fryer brands work this way including the likes of GoWise USA, De’Longhi, Ninja, Philips, and more. 

China is not the only country to produce air fryers. Market economies are dynamic, always changing and in competing mode. We have seen air fryers come from Romania, America, South Korea, Taiwan, and other European countries! 

To recap, brands make their products in China for a few reasons: 

  • Leading figure in manufacture of goods
  • Cheaper production
  • Faster production 
  • Limited to zero production elsewhere

As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, China is a global hub for appliances and electronics, Many brands get their products built there. 

But it remains the brand’s responsibility to provide excellent quality and outstanding support to their customers.  

Where Are Air Fryers Made? 

We have constructed a quick and handy chart that shows you where air fryers from major players are made.

Air Fryer Brand

Country of Manufacturing




GoWise USA



China / Romania





It is obvious from the chart above that most air fryers will come with a Chinese-origin label. A crucial point to note is that each of five air fryer brands are are different in design, features and capacity. Each company has its own set of manufacturing units, so you know they are not ta replica of each other’s models

While an appliance is currently made in a particular country, there is no guarantee this is a permanent feature. Production and manufacturing goal can change. For example, De’Longhi’s Romanian manufacturing factory has recently overtaken their China plants in units produced . 

To find out exactly which country your current or future air fryer is produced, contact the brand’s customer service center and they will do their best to help. 

What Makes the Philips Air Fryer Different? 

I have gone into detail about where the Philips air fryer is made, which to be honest isn’t much different from the production of other air fryers in the market. So, what makes a Philips air fryer stand out from the rest? 

There are a couple of reasons. One is that the Philips brand has been around for a very long time. Philips also has a research and development center in Austria where a lot of the behind the scenes magic of its appliances comes from.  

The Philips air fryer is also one of the most popular and durable air fryers. I have had my Philips air fryer for over a year now and have never had any complications (knock on wood!). If there were to be an issue then I have full confidence the team at Phillips will be there to help. 

Should I Buy A Philips Air Fryer? 

Do not fret if you are still on the fence about purchasing an air fryer. A few questions to ask yourself before buying are: 

  • How much can I afford to spend? 
  • Where will the Philips air fryer go in my kitchen?
  • Am I looking to cook healthier? 
  • Do I want more time in my day? 
  • How many people live in the household? 
  • Will I only cook for myself?

Keep in mind that the air fryer market is expanding, which means there will always be new players out there offering air fryers that are going to be better than the last one. 

Different brands will offer different benefits. We have an entire air fryer category at Better Food which covers all things air fryer, no matter the brand. 

If you haven’t bought an air fryer yet, then the best may be yet to come! 

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Final Remarks 

Knowing the origin of your kitchen appliance is important. In some customer cases, it can make or break a purchase. 

After reading this article, I hope you have narrowed down your decision on whether or not to purchase a trusted Philips air fryer for your home. 

Philips air fryers are produced in China and loads of other popular air fryer brands work the same way. There are many upsides to moving production overseas. 

The positives when it comes to owning a Philips air fryer are boundless. Although most of the manufacturing is done overseas, the important part is the design, technology, and innovation that goes behind the product. In Philips’ case, this is done mostly in Europe and USA. 

Do you currently own an air fryer? If so, where is it made? Let us know in the comments below.

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