Which Vitamix Blender is The Best to Buy ?

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Most smoothies taste good, but Vitamix smoothies can taste incredible.

But are you wondering which Vitamix blender to buy?

Each of the blenders featured here is power-packed, are designed to retain natural food flavors and blended-to-perfection blends. 

Hot soups, purees, smoothies, nut butter all get prepared quickly. They taste yummy and are smoother in texture. Anything from preparing baby food to churning ice cream gets done effortlessly with these multi-purpose blenders. Vitamix blenders vary in container size and features.

Compare the container capacity and features of the Vitamix blenders. You can find one that's perfect for you among the top-notch machines detailed below.

Comparison Table of the Products:

Product Name


Customer Ratings


Item weight





Vitamix Standard Programs Blender



10 lbs

Not Applicable


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender



11,5 lbs



Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Blender



11,95 lbs



Vitamix 7500 low profile Blender



13 lbs



Vitamix Professional Series 750


Brushed  Stainless Finish

12,46 lbs

Plastic, Metal



Reviews of the Best Vitamix Blenders:

1. Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

Add more taste; make meals more nutritive with this power-backed blender. It offers three preprogrammed machine settings. These settings are perfect for everything from yummy smoothies, steaming hot soups, mixing batters and chilled treats. 

This appliance has a 64-ounce container that's great for medium or larger batches of food. The variable speed control feature allows easy adjustment for various food textures.

The control dial permits adjusting during blending. The blades are durable and are designed from top-quality aircraft grade steel. 

The powerful motor maintains torque and cool temperature. Churning ice cream is as easy as making hot soups. Making nut butter is easy and grinding coffee beans into coffee is simple. Yummy sauces, pancakes, waffles, muffins and flavor-rich smoothies are yours to have, fast, smooth and easy.

Which Vitamix blender to buy? There are many reasons this is one of the top choices. For more details please click here.


  • It has a 64-ounce container capacity
  • Soup can be prepared in the blender container
  • Perfect for processing medium or large food batches
  • Blades are durable
  • Designed to retain food flavors


  • The range of colors are limited
  • Too large for single-serve meals or treats

2. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Prepare small and medium-sized meals with equal ease with this appliance. It features a 48-ounce container that's just right for making medium or smaller batches of food. You can refine the food texture and make it exactly to your liking with the variable speed control feature.

 Start your day with health-enhancing juices and smoothies. This blender works quickly and packs your favorites with rich flavors. It has the pulse feature that's useful for preparing smoother purees and vegetable soups.

It's culinary precision at its best and the smoothest food textures. The blades are fashioned from hardened stainless steel and measure 3 inches in diameter.

 It's a durable blender with a consistent performance you can count on.

This machine is self-cleaning, all you need is warm water and dish soap, and it gets cleaned in 60 seconds or less. When you get this blender, you are investing in nutritive meals that are wholesome and delicious. To know the best prize, visit here.


  • It has a 48-ounce container capacity
  • Hot soups to chilled desserts all get processed in this machine
  • Perfect for processing medium or smaller food batches
  • Blades are strong
  • Designed to retain nutrition and natural food flavors


  • Expensive compared to cheaper options
  • Features may seem too complex for just basic blending needs

3. Vitamix 5300 Low-Profile Blender

Red, platinum, brushed steel, black or white, this blender comes in a wide array of attractive colors. And why does this particular model need?

This refurbished machine looks new and also works as well as a new one does. 

With its 64-ounce low profile container, it easily blends your everyday favorites and makes them even more delicious. Larger food batches are easier to process with this larger sized container. The motor is powerful. It remains cool as you process tough or back-to-back ingredients. It offers the pulse feature.

The variable speed control is easy to adjust. You can refine food texture and control machine speed even during the blending process. 

The hardened stainless steel blades are of superior quality and aircraft grade quality. Hot soups can be prepared in less than 10 minutes in the container.

The blade friction brings the soup temperature to ready-to-eat. Frozen ingredients are also processed in no time, and it's effortless. Here are the details.


  • Features a 64 ounce container capacity
  • Smooth and different textures foods are possible with this appliance
  • Ideal for processing medium or large batches
  • Blades are made from aircraft grade steel
  • Motor remains cool


  • Too big for single-serve meals
  • Can feel like a little expensive


4. Vitamix 7500 low profile Blender

With this versatile blender, it’s culinary precision at your fingertips and in your kitchen. It has ten variable speed controls. Soups taste delicious, and purees are smoother.

The pulse feature is ideal for preparing thick soups and chunky salsa. With its 64 ounce container, preparing sized family meals is easy. 

The machine is compact enough and can be stored under your kitchen cabinet. The blades are strong and durable; they are designed from aircraft grade stainless steel.

You get to have piping hot soups anytime your taste buds crave it, no stove required. The soup gets done in the container. Indulge yourself with favorite treats; frozen ingredients can be blended to make the most delectable chilled desserts. 

Grind coffee beans and make nut butter, this machine easily grinds tough ingredients. When you pick this blender, you are choosing a machine that helps prepare family sized meals that are full of flavor. To buy the product, please visit here.


  • Has a 64-ounce container capacity
  • Great for tough ingredients
  • Top pick for processing medium or large food batches
  • Blades are hardened stainless steel
  • Rich textured blends


  • Too large for one person meals or treats
  • Can feel out of the budget

5. Vitamix Professional Series 750

Which Vitamix blender to buy? Well, this one is a top option. You can have a profession blending experience with this Vitamix blender. With its 5 preprogrammed settings, you can expect consistent results from this machine. The variable speed control settings are adjustable.

You can achieve anything from a chunky texture to silky smooth with the variable control. 

You can rotate the dial to vary or change the machine speed at any time during the blend. This appliance has a 64-ounce container that makes it easier to process larger quantities of ingredients. The stainless steel blades are aircraft grade and durable.

The motor remains cool and torque temperature even as you process tough ingredients or larger food batches. Pizza and bread dough, nut butter, chilled treats purees, and soups are simple to process with this appliance. To save your money, click here.


  • The container is 64 ounces
  • Soup, batters, dough  can be prepared in the blender container
  • Blades are long worn
  • Speed can be controlled during blending
  • Versatile blender


  • Colors are limited
  • Container too big for single-serve meals
  • Can seem expensive

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Vitamix Blender

The best choice of blender depends largely on what kind of food processing tasks you need it for. The food sizes that need to be processed are a factor to consider while making your pick. The price range is another factor, although, being a once-in-a-way buy, what you pay for is most likely what you get regarding features and quality of the product, so it may well worth be a splurge.

Container Capacity Is Important

A single serve smoothie can get made in a personal blender. For larger food batches and family-sized meals, larger sized containers are ideal. Larger food batches can be processed in a single round, whereas, with a smaller container, it would more time and effort to process the same amount of ingredients.

However, if smaller meals are what you prepare on a regular basis, a compact container is a prime pick.

Multi-Purpose Blenders Are Useful

You can prepare hot soups right there in the container. From there, you can move on to preparing nut butter or cake butter or pizza dough. Next up, you can get a chilled dessert done, all with one single blender. 

When it’s multi-purpose, it’s that much easier and more convenient. Powerful blenders can also grind coffee beans into coffee powder, make fruit juices and smoothies and even make bread dough. These nifty appliances take little time to process different varieties of food.

Powerful Motors Are Required

More power is required to process tough ingredients, and Vitamix blenders are powerful. When preparing full course meals or processing larger food batches, a motor that doesn’t overheat is needed.

It allows you to complete the tasks quickly and in-between wait time to allow the appliance to cool is not required.

The Price Range

Durable blenders are designed to last a long time. They are made from superior grade materials, and this is most likely what the higher price range is for.

With less expensive products, there’s a real risk that the product may require frequent replacements as they may be designed from cheaper materials to keep the cost down. 

Superior features and technology also may go into the making of blenders and impact the cost of the product. When you factor in these considerations, an expensive product may seem the smartest and most practical option.

The Features Are Key

The features of a blender are vital when making your choice. The best blenders have features that allow you to control the food processing and refine food texture.

You can even switch, increase or decrease blender speed during the blend. You can personalize the food texture to your preference.

Bottom Line

The best blenders can easily replace some other appliances that find a place on your kitchen shelf or counter. Vitamix blenders are designed to do this and bring convenience to the time you spend in your kitchen.

Your meals are more healthful and taste more delicious when you use one of these blenders. But which Vitamix blender to buy? 

Each of these appliances has features that make them a top pick for you. What never varies from one Vitamix blender to another is the convenience of use, rich texture and yummy flavors they bring to your meals. 

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