Can You Put Hot Pans on a Glass Top Stove [Short Answer & What You Should Do]

You know the situation. You’re cooking frantically and the kitchen is a mess. Maybe you have dedicated an evening to cooking for friends or likely expecting family over for Thanksgiving. Either way, kitchen space is sparse — what do you do? 

When you own a glass top stove or any stove top for that matter, you start seeing it as additional counter space. While this is true in some instances, it doesn’t apply across the board.

When using your stove top as additional kitchen space, there are certain appliances and tools that you want to avoid placing on the surface . 

You’ll be pleased to know that you can actually place a hot pan on your fancy top stove! There are tips and tricks to make this easier, but as a general note, there is no harm in doing so.

Are you curious about how this works? Keep reading to find out more. 

Can I Put My Hot Pan on My Glass Top Stove to Finish Cooking? 

Short answer: Yes. 

In fact, I do this all the time! Sometimes I don’t want the oven to dry out or overcook my food i. I lay the pan on my glass top stove and use the residual heat to cook it just right.. 

For every recipe you make,  there is the right kind of pan and that applies to every glass top stove, too! While it is okay to rest a hot pan on the stove top, that doesn’t mean all pans are acceptable. TIn order to ensure the safety of your glass top stove, there are some tips and tricks you should master.

Will the Burner Turn on If I Place a Hot Pan on Top? 

If your  pan is induction compatible, the burner may turn on whenever the control senses pressure. Be sure to check this ahead of time, or avoid placing your hot pan over any of the central controls.. 

What do the Experts Say? 

Here is a great piece of  advice I’ve been given that I want to share with you.  If you’re unsure about something, ask the experts! 

If you’re not certain whether you should go about placing a hot pan on the top stove, read the manufacturer’s manual. But don't worry, I’ve looked into a few manuals below to find their stance on hot pans on stove tops and what to do about it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Tip Number One

According to Summit, an appliance manufacturing company, there are some things you should consider when placing things on your glass top stove. Is the material of the pan likely to melt? If yes, then avoid placing pans that have a painted exterior. 

Tip Number Two 

Miele states in their guide that it is best to avoid placing hot pans on top of the control center. Doing so  may damage the connection underneath. In these cases, if you have little surface space for pans, top stove space, then investing in a trivet may be the right course of action.


Tip Number Three

Circulon doesn’t specifically provide  guidance regarding hot pans on cooktops, But they do stress on the importance of using medium to heavy weight materials on ceramic and glass top stoves, as lighter materials couldn’t  warp. 

Now that you know what kind of pans can be placed on your glass stove top, let's look at some guidelines you should follow to keep the surface scratch-free..  To ensure you don’t unintentionally scratch or ruin the surface, bookmark these points for future use. reading to find out what they are. 

frying steak on a glass top stove

Avoid Placing Hot Lids on a Glass Top Stove 

One key tip to remember is to never place a hot lid face down on the surface.This may seem a harmless thing to do , but the reason behind the cautious note is actually scientific! 

The hot lid may create a suction on the stove top. As the hot hair begins to rise, it will get trapped. This creates a small “push and pull” phenomenon that can damage your glass top stove underneath the pressure. 

k. Don’t believe us? Check out  some of the photos online of what this looks like, iIt ain’t pretty! While this scenario may not always play out, why take a chance of damaging your stovetop?  

How Different Hot Pans React with A Glass Top Stove 

As a thumb rule, you should avoid using stoneware, ceramic, or  anything made of cast iron because it will scratch the surface. Some materials will also leave residual metal marks. 

Cast Iron Skillets

These aren’t usually recommended for placing  on a glass top stove. They are heavy and can potentially break the surface if you’re not  isn’t careful. 

If you want to cook steak in the skillet then I would recommend using a trivet to rest your cast iron skillet. This will prevent it from making direct contact with  your gorgeous cook top and potentially scouring it. 

Check out the latest price for this silicone heat resistant trivet on Amazon now. 


Can I place it on a  glass top stove? Avoid doing so as it may scratch the surface.


Stainless Steel Frying Pans

Stainless steel is one of the best materials to place on a glass top stove. They are durable and won’t scratch the surface. Thematerial has  a heavier bottom which is best suited for stove top rings. 

Chef’s tip: Look for pans that have cladding as this means they will be good heat distributors.

Can I place it on a  glass top stove? Sure, the material is acceptable for glass top stoves.


Aluminum Frying Pans

Placing aluminum pans on the surface of  glass top stoves is also safe. Are you planning on using a frying pan to hold food while it cooks inside an oven? Then you’ll want to ensure that the pan handles can withstand that kind of heat, as they will melt otherwise. 


Try Using the T-fal Frying Pan - Amazon’s Choice 

T-fal has a great selection of titanium enforced, anodized aluminum frying pans; some even come with lids. I’ve tested these pans on my glass top stove, and I have never had any issues with them. I recommend hand washing them to increase shelf life and usability. 


Can I place it on a glass top stove? Sure, the material is acceptable.

Read this cookware set article for extra insight regarding pans on ceramic glass cooktops.


Dutch Ovens 

I love a good dutch oven. They are sturdy and stout. Not to mention that some of them are downright gorgeous. What applies to cast iron skillets applies to the dutch oven as well. 

Dutch ovens are heavy. Byheavy I mean the dumb bells kind of heavy. Proceed with caution. The most important point to remember is to never drag your dutch oven across the top.. 

Here again, when you use  trivet or a stand to protect your glass top stove, this should be okay to do. 

Can I place it on a  glass top stove? You can, but only rest it and do not drag it. Use a trivet where possible.

Copper Pans 

Yeses you can place these pans (hot or cold) on top of your glass top stove. But remember that copper pans aren’t always compatible with induction or electric cooktops. 

Can I place it on a  glass top stove? You can, but only rest it and do not drag it. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our article about which pans are best to use on a glass top stove! 


Similar to pans,  but with a more rounded lip, woks are designed to  generate high heat  to cook food. 

I have used a wok on a glass top stove with any issues, despite the high temperatures reached in the wok (I whipped up a very unconventional dish inside my wok, as you’ll see below). 

Safety note: Any product with porcelain, enamel, or painted outside may fuse to the glass stop stove when heated. Do not place any of these elements, if hot, on a glass top stove. 

Wok on glass top stove

Try the T-Fal Anodized Aluminum Wok - Amazon’s Choice

The wok we’ve included here isn’t the same one in the photos, but the same principles apply. You can rest your hot wok on the stove top, but avoid dragging or slamming it down. I always wash my wok by hand too. This way you can avoid the material deterioration which could affect your glass top stove surface in the long run. 


Can I place it on a  glass top stove? Yes, but do not drag it across as woks are heavy. 


Are Magic Erasers Okay to Use on a Glass Top Stove? 

Magic Erasers are appropriate to use on glass top stoves because they are soft and will not scratch the surface. 

Understanding the steps involved in  cleaning your glass top stove is relatively easy. Remember these three principles and you're good: 

  1. Do not use harsh chemicals
  2. Use warm water and soap when you can 
  3. Wipe with soft material

In other words, show  your glass top stove some TLC! They are beautiful to look at, and do require special attention to ensure  they last a lifetime. 

Can I Use My Glass Top Stove as a Trivet? 

Yes, placing pans on your glass top stove can mimic the use of a trivet. If you are unsure about resting your hot pan on top of your stove you won’t go wrong using  a trivet. They come in many forms and shield the surface from interacting too much with the hot pot or pan. 

Have a look at the price for this glass multipurpose stove cover on Amazon. Think of this as a cutting board with legs! Currently Amazon's Choice. 

Closing Thoughts 

Glass top stoves are precious. I wouldn’t want to ruin my glass top stove by doing something trivial like placing a hot lid on top of it. 

Resting a hot pan is perfectly safe on a glass top stove, and that is what they are manufactured to withstand! These  appliances are not fully glass or ceramic, but a mix of both which makes them more durable. 

If you place a hot pan on top of your  glass top stove for cooking purposes, you’ll want to ensure that the frying pan is approved for induction or electric use. Make sure the utensil will not scratch the surface , and that it doesn’t contain any material that will melt on the stove 

By adding a simple trivet or stove cover to your kitchen, you can avoid expensive accidents. Remember to look at the manufacturer’s manual for information, if you aren’t sure. 

Do you have any creative ways to enhance safely in the kitchen and minimize damages to products? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below.

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