Can You Reheat Sauced Wings in an Air Fryer? [Simple Steps & FAQ]

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I recently got an air fryer and it has changed the way that I cook. I use it for everything, but mostly for cooking french fries. Then there is my family favorite – delicious salmon – crispy on the outside and the right amount of juicy in the middle. 

In my opinion,  the airfryer seems to be designed for heating up leftovers. It does a remarkable job at reheating food without drying it out. 

And many homecooks dealing with sad looking leftovers would agree!

If you’re fed up with foods like chicken wings always drying out when you reheat them, the airfryer is your new best friend. If the wings happen to be doused in sauce, even better. fryer, The sauce will crisp up a little In an air but not completely cook. You have the perfect combo of juicy wings and glossy, flavorsome sauce.

It doesn’t hurt to save some extra sauce to pour afterwards. 

T Reheated wings in the air fryer is even better than freshly prepared! There are so many foods. 

Skeptic much? 

Trust us when we say that you can reheat food in the air fryer, and the options are endless. 

Keep on reading to find out how to reheat tasty sauced wings in an air fryer. 

Why You Should Reheat Wings in the Air Fryer 

The first thing you reach for when reheating leftovers is probably a microwave. But did you know that with your  air fryer food comes out tastier and almost better than restaurant fare? 

You risk drying the food out with a microwave or oven. But with an air fryer, the food stays juicy in the center. 

This cool kitchen appliance uses around 50% to 80% less oil than a deep fryer, making it a substantially healthier way of cooking. You can enjoy your fried snacks, without the added calories and associated guilt.

Budget Friendly 

Using your air fryer to reheat chicken wings is good for your wallet. Since you only use an air fryer a few minutes at a time, they are energy efficient. You also reduce your oil dependence which helps save you money in the long run. 

When you see that leftovers are actually tastier when reheated in the air fryer, you won’t look back! 

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Flavorsome Food

The air fryer adds extra crispiness to your food and your chicken wings will come out golden and crunchy. 

Wings are great to reheat up in the air fryer because they are basically solid. Air fryer works great with solid food, not so much with batter based or liquid  dishes such as pasta and stew. They are not suitable for reheating in the air fryer. 

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Time Saver 

When you’re pressed for time, you need kitchen hacks that cut your work and save you time. Reheating chicken wings in the air fryer is a great way to do that. Two to three minutes is all it takes to serve piping hot leftovers.. 

How to Reheat Sauced Wings in an Air Fryer 

Using an air fryer to reheat is a simple process.  A few cooking essentials and some tips and you’re good to go.

What Materials Do I Need?

You will need the following materials to reheat your wings: 

Air Fryer 

Obviously, as this is the moot point of this guide. There are many air fryers to choose from if you don’t already own one. I have the Philips Air Fryer Essential and it is wonderful. 

You can read more about different air fryers and their pros and cons in our article here

Wings From Your Favorite Spot 

You’ll need to have a decent amount of wing leftovers from your favorite wing restaurant. A personal favorite restaurant of mine is Wingstop.


Leftover Wings From an  Event

 In Arkansas (where I am from), we eat wings every chance we get. At parties, big sporting events, and even just because we can!. This means that we have a lot of leftover wings. Remember to not throw them away but to keep them in your fridge to eat later.


Lots of Sauce! 

Since air frying makes food surfaces extra crispy, it doesn’t hurt to have extra sauce on hand. Air frying will make an even crispier outer texture if there is sauce already on the wings. 

Step by Step: How To Reheat Delicious Wings 

Step 1: Set up the Air Fryer 

Depending on your air fryer model,, preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (this takes around 3 minutes). If you don’t have a preheat option, then ensure you set the correct temperature. 

Step 2: Add the Chicken Wings 

Place the chicken wings in the air fryer, spacing the wings out so they do not  overlap. You may want to line the air fryer basket with parchment paper to keep the sauce on the wings. You can find a large roll of parchment paper on Amazon. 

To add more cooking space in your air fryer, consider looking at air fryers that come with additional space racks. This doubles the surface area. 

Chef’s tip: Avoid overcrowding the basket, because overlapping food prevents it from reheating and/or cooking properly in the air fryer. 

Step 3: Prep Your Wings 

If you have any leftover sauce, hold onto it. For extra wing crispiness, go ahead and spritz a little bit of oil on the wings before air frying them. 

If you don’t want to add any oil, no problem. The wings will reheat just fine without it. 

Step 4: Air Fry for Two to Three Minutes 

Air fry the wings for no more than five minutes. If you have less than ten wings then air fry them for around two to three minutes. If you reheat them for longer then you risk burning the wings and the sauce. 

After two to three minutes, if you still feel that the wings could  use additional reheating, then fry them for another minute or two. 

Step 5: Serve and Eat!

And there you have it –  how to reheat wings in the air fryer in just five simple steps. Take your air fryer basket out and set it on a heat proof surface like a trivet or cutting board. Place the wings on a plate, drizzle over any remaining sauce, and enjoy! 

Now you can make use of all the restaurant leftovers in your fridge. Don’t forget the extra sauce and your sides. 

Wings, hotdogs, and fries in red baskets on top of a wooden table

Tips to Get the Best Results 

You can definitely reheat sauced wings in an air fryer, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you always get the best possible results. 

Ask for Extra Sauce 

Next time you’re at the restaurant, ask for an extra container of sauce with your wings. With this extra sauce, you will never have dry leftover wings. 

You can always use the sauces in your fridge in a pinch. Popular sauces that most people have on hand and go well with your wings include: 

  • Ranch dressing 

  • Honey

  • Honey Mustard

  • Ketchup 

  • Salsa 

  • Queso dip 

  • Mustard 

Use Airtight Containers for Storage 

When you take leftovers home, you will probably have a styrofoam container with your wings inside. This is great when it comes to takeaway,  but not appropriate for overnight storage. 

If you leave your wings inside the styrofoam container, they will end up drying out.  Use airtight containers to store your wings in the fridge or freezer..

“Bits” to Sprinkle on Top 

Americans aren’t the only wing fanatics. Did you know that eating chicken wings is very popular in Korean culture as well? Some delicious toppings, aside from sticky sauce, are sesame seeds and even finely chopped green onions. 

No Additional Oil 

If eating healthy and reducing your oil intake is your goal, then the air fryer is a good option. You don’t need extra oil to reheat your wings as they have already been deep fried. 


Sometimes cooking can be tricky, especially with foods you don’t eat every day. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding air frying wings. Read on to learn more!

How Long Should I Reheat Wings For? 

Wings typically take five to six minutes to heat up in the oven, not to mention the preheating time. Air frying halves this cooking time, so anywhere between two to three minutes of air frying should be enough. Wings are small and don’t take up a lot of space, which means they take less time to reheat. 

You can read more about air fryer cooking times in our article, How Long to Reheat Chicken Wings in the Air Fryer?

What is the Best Way to Preserve Leftover Wings? 

Storing your chicken wings in an airtight container overnight is the best way to keep the wings as fresh as possible. Sometimes I stick the wings in the fridge in whatever the restaurant has given me.  I can guarantee from personal experience that without the airtight container the wings dry out. 

What Should I Serve with Reheated Wings? 

Some of my favorite sides to serve alongside wings are: french fries, cole slaw, celery, and tater tots. For more unusual pairings, try serving a rich mac and cheese or even a broccoli slaw for some healthy and green option. 

What Other Foods are Great to Reheat in the Air Fryer? 

Leftover wings reheat well in the air fryer. But have you tried reheating Tacos from Taco Bell? The deliciously tender steak, and wings are perfect for the air fryer method. 

As a rule of thumb, any food item that isn’t too saucy or messy is ideal for the air fryer.


Final Remarks 

The air fryer is my favorite kitchen appliance. They halve cooking time and their most notable characteristic is that they leave food crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside. 

You can certainly reheat sauced wings in an air fryer, but you’ll want to keep extra sauce on hand to pour over the top. 

DOn’t forget to line your air fryer basket with parchment paper so that the sauce does not seep into the bottom. 

Cook the wings for around two to three minutes (it’s okay to air fry for longer if needed), and enjoy another meal with your restaurant extras..

Jennifer Ulloa

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