How Long Do Food Processors Last?

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There's nothing more disappointing than getting all excited over acquiring an innovative new kitchen gadget …

Only to have it break down a couple of months later.

We can get an estimate through the warranty each brand and model offers. For example, Cuisinart offers a three-year limited warranty for its 14-cup food processor.

On the other hand, KitchenAid offers only a one-year full warranty from the date of purchase for its 7-Cup Food Processor.

So as you see, it depends on what product and brand you're using. However, other factors can influence its longevity which we'll elaborate on down below.

And we're here to make sure you make the best decision based on your needs and sort out any questions you might have about food processors.

This leads us to the next point.

How Many Years Should a Food Processor Last?

As convenient as it would be to have an exact answer, this is practically impossible. Too many variables factor into the outcome for each processor.

The answer depends on:

  1. Brand and model
  2. Motor strength
  3. Type of ingredients used
  4. Frequency of use

These are just a few of the things you should consider when buying a food processor, which we'll keep talking about down below.

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What Makes Some Processors Last More Than Others?

As we said, it's very relative to each person and the uses they might give it. However, we can get an estimate through the warranties offered by kitchenware brands.

The average warranty for food processors is five years, though some brands offer up to ten years for their top-tier models. While more basic machines might offer two to three years’ worth of warranty.

When you buy more for a high-end model, you expect it to be more durable parts that will last longer. Yet even these fancy and professional processors can break down after a couple of months of use if pushed too hard.

On the other hand, some of the less expensive appliances can prove to be the most durable, as I have discovered myself. 

Would you believe that I bought one of the more affordable Black & Decker models four years ago, and it is still perfectly functional to this day?

Factors That Influence The Processors Durability

Let’s look more in-depth at the four variables that affect how long food processors last.


 1. Brand and Model

While they don't necessarily guarantee longevity, certain brands rate higher than others in this aspect.

According to a poll where a source collected opinions from users across the web, Black & Decker stands out as the most durable. Hamilton Beach was a close second, followed by KitchenAid.

This shows that you don't need to shell out big bucks on luxury brand names.


 2. Motor and Strength

In general, food processors range in wattage from around 400 watts to over 1,000 watts for very high-powered models. Some lower-wattage models will not be suitable for certain tasks such as kneading dough and chopping certain nuts or meats.

In contrast, higher-wattage motors will usually last longer. Because they have less pressure and stress when processing larger quantities of food or harder ingredients.

The speed at which you use your food processor can also influence its durability, as slower speeds are less burdensome than higher speeds.

 3.Types of Ingredients Used

This goes hand in hand with the machine´s motor and strength. The more powerful motors will be able to withstand sturdier materials. Don't try to push it with rock-hard ingredients every day though because being a sturdier machine doesn't make it unbreakable.

It's essential to read your machine´s instruction manual to see which ingredients are convenient to put in. 

However, here's a shortlist of ingredients to avoid processing no matter what brand you're using:

  1. Coffee beans: while you can process them, this can lead to wearing down the sharpness of the blades and scratching the cup.
  2. Raw high-fiber foods: these include celery and broccoli. It’s advisable to cook them before putting them in a food processor.
  3. Ice cubes: Ice is fine as long as the chunks are smaller or broken down beforehand. If the cubes are too big, you're risking damaging the blades and the cup itself.

On the other hand, some of the easiest ingredients to put in a food processor include:

  1. Herbs: it could be cilantro, mint, or rosemary, just to name a few.
  2. Raw fruit: from apples to bananas, you can make a great sauce out of these soft fruits.
  3. Vegetables: excluding the high-fiber veggies, processing vegetables such as tomatoes or zucchini is a breeze.

Don't think this means you have to buy an expensive food processor, I've found that a basic inexpensive one fits my needs perfectly well.

Cause let's be real, most of us will primarily use the appliance to make a sauce and chop vegetables. Leave the heavy lifting to the pros.

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 4. Frequency of Use

And finally, frequency of use. Like most things, the more you use it, the sooner it is likely to wear down.

For ordinary people, this shouldn't be a problem, as we don’t use it daily. And if we do, it's usually for softer ingredients in a short period of time.

Final Thoughts

So, how long do food processors last?

The truth is that it's something relative to each person, it's important to be real with yourself about your needs, and of course, your budget.

And remember, there's no need to splurge on expensive state-of-the-art food processors.

Many other fantastic food processors will achieve practically the same results. And as a bonus, they can help you eat healthier too!

Please let us know in the comments what processor works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Black & Decker Food Processor Good Quality?

100%. It was voted one of the most durable, and while they are some of the least expensive ones on the market, they can give most of the others a run for their money.

Can I Chop Nuts In a Food Processor?

Yes, both a food processor and a blender are handy to blend nuts. But, the blender might be the better option, especially if you're looking to make milk with them.

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What Good Food Processor Recipes Are There For Vegans?

Vegans tend to have a more challenging time finding quick and easy recipes to fit their lifestyle. However, it's easier than it seems when you’ve got a good food processor in your corner!

Guacamole, hummus, pestos, and more vegan-friendly food processor recipes exist!

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  1. Cuisinart Food Processor. Same frequency of use and same ingredients. First one lasted about 30 years, second one 5! Motor just dead. No more Cuisinart for me!

    • Wow, 30 years out of the first, Barbara? That’s pretty incredible! We’re very sorry to hear the second only lasted a fraction of that time. My Cuisinart is in its 7th year currently and still going strong (fingers crossed!). I do wish Cuisinart products came with a lifetime guarantee, especially for larger appliances!


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