Mandarin Cake in the Magic Mold

A cut Mandarin

Today is a beautiful, sunny day. I don’t know what is about the weather today that invokes the feeling of tasting something made of mandarins. I have a dark red-looking cup of Pu’erh tea beside me that echoes the flavor of honey. But how is honey related to mandarin anyway? Life mysteries… To get to … Read more

9 Mouth Watering Salmon Recipes You Won’t Help But Fall Head Over Toe In Love With

Salamon Recipes

When compared to other fish, salmon has the highest level of omega-3 contents. Besides it is packed with vitamins and minerals that lower your chances of heart attack and cancer. In a nutshell, salmon always comes at the top when it comes to the best foods for your health. The following lines are dedicated to give you … Read more

21 Easy Chicken Recipes To Try at Home NOW!


Chicken meals are one of the most preferred meals all over the world. Everyone loves a chicken lunch or dinner. However, It is not always easy to find the best and easy recipes to prepare at home. Fortunately, I have here 21 chicken recipe ideas that will qualify you to be the kitchen master.Check them out down … Read more

A Chicken Breast Recipes List For a PERFECT Event

Chicken Breast Recipes

​The thing that makes any chicken breast dish satisfying is how it is being cooked. So if you want a royal meal to be served at your barbecue, an occasion or home. In this post, we will give you the opportunity to try some delicious chicken breast recipes which are perfect for beginners. To prepare a chicken … Read more