Tools of the Trade Cookware [All You Need To Know]

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It is an understatement to say that there are many varieties of cookware on the market. A home cook has an overwhelming amount of materials, shapes, sizes, and brands to choose from when looking to purchase cookware.

Tools of the Trade is a popular brand of cookware, developed for Macy’s department stores. It is available for purchase at Macy’s stores, on Macy’s website, and also on Amazon. 

The specific brand of cookware has food writers and home cooks excited and curious because of its unique product features and low price point.

This article will help you learn more about the Tools of the Trade brand of cookware and help you make the purchase choice that is right for your kitchen.

Tools of the Trade Cookware Info

Tools of the Trade cookware is a brand of introductory cookware created for the department store, Macy’s. The cookware comes in a 13-piece set and is available in both stainless steel and non-stick varieties.

The Tools of the Trade 13-piece set includes:

  • 1.5-quart saucepan with glass lid
  • 2.5-quart saucepan with glass lid
  • 5-quart stockpot with glass lid
  • 9.5 in. saute pan with glass lid
  • 8 in. fry pan
  • Flower steamer
  • Large spoon
  • Slotter turner
  • Pasta server
  • Both the stainless steel set and non-stick set offer the same products. In the non-stick set, the spoon, turner and pasta server are all nylon. 

    Tools of the Trade Cookware Features

    Tools of the Trade cookware has many features that make it a great cookware brand to add to your kitchen.

    • Both the stainless steel and nonstick sets include glass lids. This allows you to see your food as it cooks, observing its color and texture.
    • The sets have riveted handles that are strong and secure.
    • The pots and pans have an impact-bonded bottom that allows for even heat distribution, leading to even cooking.
    • The stainless steel set features polished and shiny stainless steel. The bright cookware is pretty enough to leave out on the stove all the time.
    • Tools of the Trade cookware is made for all types of heat - electric, glass-top, gas, and induction.
    • All pieces in the set are dishwasher safe.

    Tools of the Trade Cookware FAQ’s

    What is the Major Difference Between the Two 13-Piece Sets?

    The difference between the two versions of the Tools of the Trade 13-piece sets is that the non-stick version has a PTFE-free non-stick surface. The surface is free of PFOA and requires little fat to cook with.

    If you want more information about PFOA and other nonstick cooking issues, check out our article about the safety concerns of nonstick cookware.

    Do the Tools of the Trade Cookware Work with Induction?

    Yes, the Tools of the Trade Cookware works with induction. It also works with all other heat surfaces - electric, glass-top, and gas.

    Where Can I Buy Tools of the Trade Cookware?

    Tools of the Trade cookware sets are available at Macy’s Department store, and on Amazon.

    What is the Warranty on Tools of the Trade Cookware?

    Macy’s lists that the Tools of the Trade cookware has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    This Tools of the Trade product is among the best available. It is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use for the life of the product. Should the product have a defect covered by this warranty, simply return it to the store of purchase along with a copy of the sales receipt or proof of purchase.

    It is recommended that when you purchase the cookware set, you fill out all of the included registration information in order to obtain the limited lifetime warranty. 

    Looking for warranty info?

    "Certain items are covered by warranty, as indicated. To obtain a copy of the warranty prior to purchase, please visit:

    Macy's Customer Service"

    How Much do Tools of the Trade Cookware Cost?

    The Macy’s website lists the stainless steel 13-piece cookware set regularly at $119.99. But with daily coupon codes and different sales options, the set can be purchased online anywhere from $39.99 to $79.99.

    If you purchase the same 13-piece cookware set from Amazon, there are sellers that list prices much lower, Check the prices here.

    If you are looking to purchase the Tools of the Trade cookware set, it is recommended to look at both places in order to get the best deal. Subscribing to email promotion may also lead to a reduced price.

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Tools of the Trade Cookware



    Affordable price points

    Only for low to medium cooking heat

    Glass lids allow seeing inside pots

    Some negative reviews regarding durability

    Variety of shapes and sizes in sets

    May not be big enough to cook for a large family

      Additional Tools of the Trade Pieces

      If you are looking to add even more additional cookware for your kitchen, Tool of the Trade also offers a variety of pots, pans, and other kitchen tools. Here are a few of the highest-rated items.

    Cutlery Set

    This 15-piece knife set is perfect for a newlywed’s kitchen, or any person looking to start cooking at home. Each blade in the set is honed for sharpness and fitted with a strong handle for weight and balance. 

    One great thing about this cutlery set is that it includes steak knives in the block. You can host a steak dinner for six people and each person can have their own sharp and beautiful steak knife at their table setting. The set is handwash only, as to keep the integrity of the knives for as long as possible.

    Check the Tools of the Trade 15-piece cutlery set at Macy’s

    The set includes:

    • 3.5 in. pairing knife
    • 4 in. utility knife
    • 4.5 in. tomato knife
    • 7 in. santoku knife
    • 8 in. chef’s knife
    • 8 in. bread knife
    • 8 in. slicing knife
    • (6) 4.5 in. steak knives
    • Kitchen shears
    • Knife block

    Fry Pan Set

    The original Tool of the Trade cookware set comes with two different sizes of saute pans, but oftentimes, that isn’t enough to accomplish all you need to in the kitchen.

    The Fry Pan Set comes with an additional three frying pans - an 8 in., 9 in., and 11 in. The pans have riveted handles and a nonstick interior. They are oven safe up to 300ºF and are also safe for the dishwasher.

    Check The tools of trade Fry Pan set on Amazon.

    7.5-Quart Covered Wok

    Cooking stir-frys just got easier with this 7.5-quart wok. It has a domed shape and a glass lid, allowing you to see your food as it cooks.

    The only caveat to this wok is that it is nonstick, unlike traditional woks. You won’t be able to cook at an extremely high heat like you would with other woks. But because it is nonstick, cleanup is a breeze. Just remember to cook at a medium-low or medium heat.

    Check the customer reviews of Tools of the Trade 7.5-Quart Covered Wok on Amazon

    8-Quart Multi-Pot

    What is a multi-pot you ask? It is the best way to cook, blanch, steam, and drain pasta and vegetables. This set comes with an 8-quart stainless steel stockpot, a pasta strainer insert, and a smaller steamer insert. The pots are able to withstand high heat and are oven safe up to 450°F.

    View the Tools of the Trade 8-Quart Multi-Pot

    Nonstick Roaster & Rack

    This nonstick roaster and rack is a great tool to have in your kitchen, especially around the holidays. This 18 in. x 13 in. x 3 in. pan can hold up to a 20-pound turkey.

    You can also use this pan to cook chickens, rack of lamb or large beef roasts. The pan is oven safe up to 450°F and is recommended to hand wash.

    View this Roaster & Rack on Amazon.

    Check out some of the other Tools of the Trade products here.

    Understanding Online Reviews

    When looking at reviews for Tools of the Trade cookware sets, there are some polarizing opinions. Some people swear these are the best pans they’ve ever cooked with. Others say that they don’t last longer than one use. 

    Overall, there are more positive reviews than negative reviews, but it still should be noted that people are critical of the quality of the Tools of the Trade cookware. 

    It is important to understand that cookware varies on price. There are high-quality brands on the market where a single pan costs more than the entire 13-piece set from Tools of the Trade. Those pans are likely to be more durable, last longer and can withstand higher heat.

    If you are an experienced home cook looking for a cookware set with exact precision of heat control, durable cooking surfaces and will last generations, Tools of the Trade may not be the cookware set for you. 

    If you are just starting to cook or live on your own and need affordable cookware that will get the job done, Tools of the Trade cookware is a great choice for you.  


    In conclusion, the Tools of the Trade brand of cookware and kitchen tools can be a great starter set for a new kitchen.

    The variety of shapes and sizes of the pans are able to satisfy the major of cooking tasks in a kitchen, but not if you are cooking for a large family. A family with many mouths to feed would need to purchase additional cookware items like the stock pots and large fry pans to be able to cook a larger amount of food.

    The pots and pans are dishwasher safe but don’t list a temperature for oven heat. Based on the reviews, it is recommended not to use these pots and pans over high heat in order to preserve the quality of the pan.

    The affordable price point and the numerous sale options make a great choice to purchase as a gift to a recent graduate or a newlywed couple.

    For more information on different types of cookware, check out our other articles.

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      • Hi Ellen,

        If your pans are still in good condition and not warped, you should be able to use them on your new glass stovetop! If they don’t make flat contact with your burners, then it is time for a new set 🙂

        Thanks for your question!

    2. I just received the 13 pc. set of Tools of the Trade, Do I remove the label on the back of the pots? Thank You Bluette Pizzi, Phone number is 610 688 1788.

    3. Was My Teflon pan made before 2013? Cook Right Tools of the Trade, 12″, Made in Indonesia, #53 on bottom, circles on bottom

    4. I have RANGEWARE. (Tools of the trade) 3 got pot. #31056 .
      Water leaks out where the screws are holding the handle.
      What can you do foe me.
      Joan DiMeglio
      I am. Senior and can not get to the store(Macy’s).

    5. I bought a set of Tools of the Trade cookware many years ago and have enjoyed using them all this time. Now however, the stainless steel outer layer is coming away from the aluminum bottom all around and I have discovered that this minute edge is extremely sharp? (As the slash on my finger testifies! I know it is probably long out of warranty but thought I’d pass this info on to you. I hate to give up these pans as they are my favorites and are (were) in constant use!! (The two pans are the bottom of the 3 pc. steamer set and the medium size kettle that I call my stew pot.)
      Just thought I’d let you know. Joanne E.Lyon, 2640 Virginia Ave. North Bend, OR 97459

      • Thank you, Joanne! I’m glad to hear they were your favorites and you got a lot of use out of them. It is too bad they aren’t up to a lifetime of work, but they are affordable! Perhaps it is time for a new set? 🙂

    6. Is there anyway to get replacement pieces for The Set? I’m looking for a single 3-quart soup pot….
      Thanks so much

      Lauranarayani @gmail. com

    7. I am wondering what kind of warranty these have, because I purchased mine years ago at Macys and burnt the bottom of my 8qt pot. Having a difficult time finding a replacement.

      • Hi Jish, thank you for your question. As far as we know, no lead is ever used in the making of stainless steel cookware. Here is a study on the metals that may leach from stainless steel cookware, who that affects, and how to minimize leaching when cooking.

    8. I bought the pot with the colander for boiling water for pasta and the first time I used it I put it back n the dishwasher and came out with rusted spots, that was about a year ago , too busy to go to Macy’s and return it, of course I don’t have the receipt, is it anything the company can do about to stand for their merchandise?

    9. I have a tools of the trade that has ‘pitted and the bottoms are showing signs of delamination Macys said that they are not covered under the lifetime warrenty only for 10 years I hope and have lived more than ten years so wht am I to do with this wonderful set that has cooked so many home meals for my family

      • I’m so sorry to hear that your Tools of the Trade cookware is starting to show wear and tear. But, I’m happy you got so many years of good homemade meals out of them! Maybe it’s time to invest in some new pots and pans? Check out our article: best cookware set for your money.

      • Hi Lyla, thanks for your question. Whether you have the stainless steel or the non-stick pans, the answer is the same. You can do it, but it’s not recommended to store your food in metal cookware. We find transferring your food to glass storage containers with airtight lids is the best option for preserving your food in the fridge. (Plus, it saves a lot of space that pot/pan handles would take up!) An airtight container will keep your leftovers fresher much longer.

    10. I have a set of Tools of the Trade cookware purchased in 1996. It’s 18/10 stainless with stainless lids. Handles are also stainless. Can the pots and pans be used under the broiler?

      • Hi Leslie, thanks for your question! It appears that the Tools of the Trade cookware is only oven safe up to 300 degrees, so we wouldn’t recommend using your broiler with them.

    11. Hi, I have a set of stainless steel Tools of the Trade pots from 1988. The 6 & 8 qt. Pots have black handles as does the lid. Are these pots oven safe for under 300 degree oven?

      By the way, love this set of cookware!

      • Hi Chris, thanks for your question. The pots and pans are safe for up to 300 degrees in the oven, but the lids are not oven safe!

      • Hi Deb! I’m sorry, it appears that these knives are only sold in sets; we were unable to track down a replacement Tools of the Trade knife for you. Which knife needs replacing? Perhaps we can suggest a good alternative brand to replace it with!

    12. I purchased the 13 piece stainless steel set in December 2021 from Macy’s and have usd it very infrequent. After today’s experience I will NEVER use this product again. Using the small frying pan I was heating 1 burger and midway through it sounded like a gunshot. The inner bolt flew off thank God it landed in the pan because the force would have definitely mimicked that of a bullet fired from a gun. I have NEVER experienced anything like that and can only imagine if it happened once it will happen again to someone else!

      • Hi Cindy! That sounds incredibly scary, we are so sorry this happened to you. Metal expands with heat, which is the only explanation we can think of for a bolt popping off. May I ask what kind of stovetop you have?

    13. Hello,
      Where can I find a lid for my Tools of the Trade Stockpot 20278? It is the black handled stockpot. I purchased it in 1998 but the lids was mistakenly taken at an event, so I now I need a lid.

      • Hi Carolina! Did you purchase the stockpot as part of a set? I can’t find one with that number, it’s possible it has changed since you bought it in 1998!

        Depending on the size, you could go for a universal lid like this one:


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