Can I Use a Glass Bowl in My Air Fryer? [Pancake Recipe and How To Do It]

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Everyone knows the hype around an air fryer, but how many fully understand why it’s one of the best kitchen appliances out there? 

Just the other day, I cooked some hot dogs, heated up brioche buns, and air fried fries all in my Philips air fryer. The entire process took around 30 minutes, and that was a meal for three people! I was seriously impressed. 

The air fryer is indeed a versatile appliance. There are a load of ways you can use your air fryer, and some of these will surprise you (in a doing the happy dance way). 

One of these ways, or should I say hack involves a glass bowl! 

You may be wondering, what is this deal with a using a glass bowl to prevent air fryer cooking from getting too messy! 

So, can you use a glass bowl inside the air fryer? 

Short answer: Of course, it is possible. Especially if  your glass bowl is oven proof.

Then you cabn likely put inside an air fryer without worrying about mini explosion. 

We will go into more detail about when air frying with a glass bowl is acceptable and when it is not. 

Keep on reading to find out. 

What Happens If You Put Glass In An Air Fryer? 

Did you know that normal glass wouldn’t be able to withstand the intensity of your air fryer? Unless it is a glass bowl that’s made for cooking, it is likely to crack or worse still, shatter into multiple pieces. 

That’s why you have cookware made with a special glass material that can withstand high heat .

One of the best glass bowls to use in your air fryer is a Pyrex glass bowl. As you know, Pyrex is a household brand, and has been the favored glassware brand with home bakers.

 You can buy their products anywhere. Start with your regular stores like Walmart or Target.If you can’t find the right sized Pyrex there, then you can always check out this link on Amazon to get it at the best price. 

What Makes Glass Break At High Temperatures? 

You want to use glass inside of your air fryer but want to be careful too. It's helpful to know various scenarios that could potentially arise and become a kitchen hazard. This means understanding what atmospheres put too much pressure on your glass bowl and makes it break. 

In sum, glass shatters due to these reasons: 

Previous Defects or Surface Damage 

If your bowl has been broken before or has a chip, then it is defective. Sadly, a glass bowl with signs of surface damage… is bad news. The chances of the glass breaking in the extreme temperature of your air fryer is high. 

The Glass Isn't Heat Proof 

When using glass inside an air fryer, you want to ensure the cookware can withstand high temperatures. There are certain brands that are made for oven use, and this by default makes them suitable for the air fryer (as both work on the hot air method of cooking foods). 

Check the brand online to see if your bowl is heat or oven proof. Turn the bowl over and you may find oven proof detail on the bottom of the glass. 

Quick Tip:  Did you know that tempered glass is more resilient than other kinds of glass?

Quick Changes in Air Fryer Temperature 

Another reason why glass dishes may easily break is because of a rapid change in cooking temperature. Remember that an oven heats up a lot slower than an air fryer does. Just for reference, an air fryer heats up in around 2 to 3 minutes compared to an oven which you need to preheat for at least 10 minutes. 

Did you know that you can actually adjust the cooking temperature in an air fryer? I’ve tested this on my Philips air fryer. A simple process that saves you some stress if you accidentally set the wrong temperature.


What Is An Air Fryer Proof Glass Bowl Made Of? 

Pyrex glass was developed from a super durable material called borosilicate glass. This type of glass can withstand extremely high temperatures. Nowadays, Pyrex is made from soda lime glass, which is cheaper to manufacture. 

Speaking of glass, check out our article for glass theme related reading, Can You Put Hot Pans on a Glass Top Stove? [Short Answer & What You Should Do].

How To Use A Glass Bowl in An Air Fryer 

The process of using a glass bowl inside an air fryer to cook your food is pretty easy. The steps are straightforward and you don’t need too many materials or ingredients to test it on a new recipe. 

Keep on reading to learn how to do it. 

Tip 1 - Double Check Your Glass Bowl 

Before you stick your glass bowl inside the air fryer basket, double check that it is oven safe. Look at the bottom of the bowl and you’ll find markings about it being oven proof or not.

Maybe the bowl has its model number listed below. If so, you can google the product and you can find if it is ovenproof or not. We’ve displayed what this may look like to you, below: 

The bottom of a Pyrex glass bowl

The bottom of a Pyrex glass bowl

If you cannot tell, the statement in the green rectangle says, “Made in France,” with the number code “105 1W” underneath it. When you search for this model online (105 1W), you’ll find on the Pyrex website that it is oven proof. 

In case you don’t see any oven safe or oven proof details or indicators on your bowl, here are some options for you: 

Best Ovenproof Glass Bowls for Your Air Fryer 

  1. Oxo - Check out the current price for these amazing Oxo glass bowls that will fit perfectly inside your air fryer. 
  2. Pyrex - Any Pyrex brand will be able to sustain your air fryer’s high temperature. Pyrex has been around since about 1915. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Pyrex is a great innovation. So, you know it is a quality brand.
  3. JAJ - This is the brand bowl that I currently have. This is now only available in the UK, but they are manufactured by the same  company that makes Pyrex.

Cooking Tip: 

Remember that glass bowls are not always the best option for air frying food. If you want to fry something frozen or cook food that would normally be deep fried, the air fryer basket is more than sufficient.

Tip 2 - Thoroughly Clean Your Glass Bowl 

One of the biggest mistakes made by air fryer owners is that they don’t properly clean their appliances or accessories. When you’re short for time it’s understandable that you’d want to cut corners. But nothing is worse for an air fryer than leftover food. 

Properly cleaning your oven proof glass bowl is a good way to ensure that there is no leftover food burning inside the cooking chamber. 

Give your glass bowl or tray a good rinse with warm water and then dry it off with a tea towe. This should be enough to get rid of any food debris. 

Cleaning is limited to your glass bowl. It also means that your air fryer should be clean and ready to use! This means no leftover food or grease inside the chamber. Always remember to hand wash or dishwash your air fryer after each use. 

Tip 3 - Prepare Food To Fit The Glass Bowl 

Once you’ve done the basic prep, it is time to get air frying! This part is really easy. Work with recipes that go best with a glass bowl. For other foods that you normally would cook from frozen, like frozen chicken strips or French fries, stick to the cooking basket. 

If you wan to baket something liekka casserole , crisp or lasagna, then using a glass bowl could be the way to go! Using a glass bowl makes for baking will make life a lot easier with your food coming out delicious and lesser clean up afterwards. 

How about a practical guide on using the glass bowl with a delicious recipe?

Using a Glass Bowl to Make Air Fryer Pancake Bites

The recipe I’ve created specifically for a glass bowl is pancake bites! These yummy bites are the perfect recipe to make with an ovenproof glass bowl because it keeps the runny butter and batter all contained in one place (this makes cleaning up a lot easier!)

I'll show the step by step way of preparing your own delicious pancake bites. These can be enjoyed as dessert or even as the main meal. 

Keep on reading to find out how to make your very own pancake bites. 

Step 1 - Gather Your Air Fryer, Glass Bowl, and Ingredients Together 

This doesn’t take much time at all. The only materials you will need for this recipe are: 

  • Air fryer (my Philips air fryer which works great and has a big enough cooking chamber)
  • Glass bowl (this must fit inside of the air fryer)
  • Pancake mix - this can be of any brand,(I’ve used Pearl Milling Company branded mix)
  • Natural yogurt 
  • Spatula or spoon (to mix the ingredients together) 
  • Chocolate chips (this isn’t needed but does make a delicious touch) 

Step 2 - Combine Your Ingredients to Prep for Air Frying

The pancake mix I use  allows you to simply add milk or water to it. Get a similar similar mix, if you can. To make the pancake balls, you will need to use yogurt so they stick together better. Add in three big scoops of yogurt to the pancake mix and stir to combine.

Step 3 - Roll Your Dough and Place Into Glass Bowl 

You don’t need to roll the dough into perfect balls. You can alternatively use small spoon to scoop out little balls and place them inside your glass bowl. 

You can see the balls I have rolled aren’t very beautiful, but that doesn’t matter because they will taste delicious when air fried! 

Pancake batter about to be placed in a glass bowl

Pancake batter about to be placed in a glass bowl

Step 4 - Pop the Glass Bowl Into the Air Fryer

Once the mixture is inside the glass bowl, place it inside the air fryer chamber. Set the air fryer to 350°F (180°C) and air fry for 7-8 minutes.

Need to stop cooking midway and open the chamber to see how the pancake is cooking? You can absolutely do that! 

Step 5 - Air Fry and Enjoy! 

Let the cooking finish. Once it is done you can open the air fryer and peek inside. The bowl will be extremely hot, so do not grab it with your bare hands. Let it cool down if you need to. 

Take the bowl out of the chamber using oven mitts or an oven cloth. You’ll notice there is hardly any mess inside! 

Scoop out the balls, drizzle some maple syrup on top, add some butter if you’d like and then enjoy! 

This recipe is great for breakfast or for an afternoon snack if you’re craving something sweet. 

Air fryer pancake bites with maple syrup, so yummy!

Air fryer pancake bites with maple syrup, so yummy!

Closing Thoughts 

If you’re wondering whether you can use your glass bowl in ther air fryer,  the answer is ye,  but there are some obstacles to clear beforehand. 

The bowl will need to be small enough to fit inside the basket of your air fryer. If you have the 6 quart air fryer, the glass bowl will need to be quite small (but that’s okay because we’ve linked a great glass bowls in the article for you to look at). 

Remember that after your bowl has been in the air fryer, it will be extremely hot. Always grab the bowl with oven proof mitts and not your bare hands. 

And finally, enjoy your meal! 

Using a heat proof glass bowl inside of an air fryer is not something you’ll be doing everyday. Try out a recipe that works in an oven, something like air frying brownies or casserole, and see how it turns out. 

What are some new ways that you’ve experimented with your air fryer? Let us know in the comments below.

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