Why Does Food Taste Better When Someone Else Makes It?

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Have you ever wondered why you prefer food made by others? Do you think food tastes better when someone else makes it? 

This can be puzzling considering that other people think your food is delicious.

Maybe, that’s the reason many people are searching for answers to the question: Why does food taste better when someone else makes it? 

I even asked myself that very question this morning after I had breakfast. I made a Vietnamese grilled chicken banh mi sandwich for breakfast ... and couldn’t finish it!

But here’s the kicker: 

Two days ago, my neighbor made the same banh mi sandwich. When I caught the scent of it cooking, I found myself desperately hoping to hear a knock on my door for an invite to share in the sandwich. 

Guess what? The invite came. (I have really awesome neighbors.) And the sandwich was delicious! 

Do you know the crazy part? I gave my neighbor the recipe he used. 

So, why was his sandwich more delicious than mine?

Let’s explore these four ideas to find out. Then we’ll reveal four ways to “fix” the taste of your own cooking! Stick around until the end to learn how to make the entire meal-prepping process better, too!

Why Does Food Taste Better When Someone Else Makes It?

Here’s the deal:

1. It’s All In Your Head

First off, our psychology may be the reason we think food tastes better when made by someone else. 

Professor Linda Bartoshukexplains why we like the food we like. She reveals that biology, experience, and psychology shape our taste.

If our taste is psychological, no wonder we think some else’s food is more delicious than ours even though other people have a contrast opinion. It’s all in our head.

Food Taste Better When Someone Else Makes It

Other times, someone else’s food tastes better because you expect it to taste better. There may be nothing special or different about their meal.  

For instance, we normally expect chefs to make food that tastes better than ours. We hear ourselves saying things like; “Well, of course, David’s meal will taste better than mine. He’s a great chef.”

2. The Element of Surprise is Gone

Also, the secret of a delicious meal is the surprise that comes from tasting it. The process of cooking your food spoils the element of surprise. 

The flavors and taste are no longer new to your taste buds. You had it all while cooking. When your meal is ready — you are done tasting. 

The meal and all its flavors are no longer exciting. But that is what you think. I’m sure your next-door neighbor would have something different to say!

When we go out to a restaurant to eat, we automatically start salivating when our food comes to the table. The anticipation gets us every single time, even when we could cook it at home for half of the price. 

Every dish is always better when someone else prepares it. That is because you are not surrounded by it or putting in the work to make it happen.

That is it! That is exactly why I preferred my neighbor’s sandwich.

3. Sometimes the More You Think About It, the Less You Want It

Well, sometimes, the more you try a particular meal, the less exciting it becomes. Similarly, the more we think about cooking, the less we want to eat.  

Daniel Kahneman gives an example of a study by Carnegie Mellon University. The researchers from the university found that in imagining eating M&Ms our appetite for them reduces. 

In like manner, the more you think about making your food, the less you may want to eat it.

4. Love Makes Food More Delicious

You might be wondering: why are eggs so much more delicious when my mom cooks them for me?

Many people love special treats prepared by a lover, a friend, or a family member.

Why Does Food Taste Better When Someone Else Makes It

Here is the bottom line: 

The Dailymail.co.uk reports research conducted by Birds Eye that 58% of people enjoy food more when it is deliberately cooked with love. 

Dr. Christy Ferguson, a psychologist at Birds Eye ran the study. Besides, he confirms that the study proves that “food made with love tastes better.”

How to Make Your Food Better For Yourself

Here are four ways to spice up your kitchen endeavors and get you more excited for your own cooking!

1. Have a Positive Mindset

You need to believe your food is as delicious as that of your neighbor’s because it is. When you taste your meal, know that it is delicious. There’s nothing wrong with the taste.

2. Don’t Overthink

Stop overthinking your meal before you make it. Doing so will kill your appetite. Go straight to the kitchen and make your food as soon as you are hungry. 

3. Don’t Over Taste

Cut down how often you taste your food before it is done. That way, you can save the better taste of your food till you have to eat. 

4. Consider Changing Your Recipe

Also, maybe if you change your recipe, your food will taste better.

I remember the first time I tried my fresh corn salsa recipe. I can still taste how delicious my appetizer was.

Despite that, after a month, I hated it already. I decided to add fresh cilantro and lemon zest to my recipe — that did the trick. The taste got better.

What about you? Have you ever considered changing or least modifying your recipe? 

I bet your food will taste better to you if you spice up your recipe. Comment below how you’ve fixed a favorite recipe in the past!

Tips on How to Better Enjoy Your Time in the Kitchen

It may seem silly, but you need to learn to appreciate your food and become just as excited as others to eat your home-cooked meal. Adopting these tips can help put the fun back in cooking and put a smile on your face.

  • Experiment: There is nothing like trying out new recipes. This is a way to keep cooking fun and exciting. You will have to focus on following the directions, and this will help you wonder what exactly it will end up like. Here are some new chicken, fish, and vegetable recipes you can try! Oh, and don’t forget about dessert!

  • Take Turns: If you live with your partner, take turns cooking for each other! This can be a great way to spice up a relationship as well as the food you eat. If you have children letting them take a turn, cooking might also be a fun way to liven up the household.

  • Leave it For a Night: Doing the dishes every night after you cook can make the food seem less appealing and more like one giant chore. If you can get away with saving the food and leaving the dishes for tomorrow, do it! Give yourself a break; you deserve it after cooking. You can also try working out a deal with your partner. One of you cooks, and the other can clean up afterward.
  • Bucket List: Create a bucket list on Pinterest and make a game out of it! Create a tic-tac-toe board of ideas to cook. Once you get four or five in a row making a line, go out to eat! It is a fun way to keep cooking light, and fun if you know soon you will get a reward out of it.

  • Take Out: If you really can’t get in that cooking mood. Grab some food to enjoy at home. This is a fun way to support local businesses, make less of a mess, and enjoy someone else’s cooking in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Vibes: Put together a dining room where you want to eat. If you want it to be romantic, light some candles, want it to be fun, get a groovy table cloth, and any kind of vibe you want to set will help you enjoy whatever you make.

  • Kitchen Tools: There is nothing better than using a new kitchen gadget! Find an original recipe that allows you to use your new kitchen equipment. This will help liven up your cooking session.


The most important thing you can do is find ways to make meal preparation fun. When you enjoy doing something, it doesn’t feel like a chore or work, and that will help create an environment where you can enjoy the experience. 

You can’t do anything about tasting as you go or being around the smell, but you can change other factors that will help you prefer your own cooking flavors again. 

If you are looking for some fun ways to organize your kitchen, check out these phenomenal pan organizers and small kitchen gadgets. They are tiny but efficient ways to create organized chaos in your kitchen. 

Cooking can be exciting with the proper gadgets. You can experiment and play with your food!

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