Can You Adjust the Temperature on a Philips Air Fryer? [Cooking Guide and What To Do]

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Ever stick food in your air fryer only to realize you’ve made a mistake with either the timing or the temperature? 

Don’t break into a sweat if you’ve done this,  because this mistake can be easily fixed! 

Yes, you can adjust the temperature easily on a Philips air fryer. Irrespective of the model you own, you simply press the upwards or downwards arrow to adjust the cooking temperature to the appropriate one.

Our guide will help guide you with adjusting your air fryer’s temperature in addition to explaining all the different buttons and settings associated with it. 

Keep on reading and uncover handy charts with some commonly cooked foods and their cooking temperatures, and time taken to cook. 

Can I Adjust the Temperature on My Philips Air Fryer?

Yes, you can adjust the cooking temperature on all Philips air fryers. 

All you have to do is press the buttons on the left that are pointed upwards and downwards. 

Press the upwards button to increase the temperature by intervals of five, and press the downward button to decrease the temperature by five again. 

Interesting Tidbit: 

Did you know that the Philips air fryer comes with an automatic shut off function? This means that if you do not press a button in 20 minutes, your air fryer will automatically turn off.

Can I Adjust the Temperature on a Philips Air Fryer While Cooking? 

The convenience of using air fryers has likely appealed to you and led you to buy one. When you have an appliance like this which works pretty much unattended, getting busy or distracted is  completely understandable. 

This often leads to small mistakes like setting the wrong cooking temperature. Does this sound familiar? 

With the efficient air fryer, you can change the temperature even during cooking. And no, doing this doesn’t cause any effect on the air fryer or your food. 

This smart device will automatically adjust to the new temperature you’ve selected. 

Important Air Fryer Tip: Remember that the Philips air fryer goes up and down in intervals of five degrees. 

Does the Philips Air Fryer Have Preset Temperatures? 

If you own a Philips air fryer, you may have noticed the little food icons dotted along the digital display. These are cooking presets with time and temperature built in for certain foods and dishes.  

You simply click on a particular preset and the machine begins frying, baking or cooking food at the built-in temperature and cooking time. 

Some who are new to cooking or prefer a hand-off cooking style will appreciate presets. But Ihave used them only a handful of times. I am pretty choosy about how I like my foods cooked,  so I prefer to set my own cooking temperatures and times!

Interested in presets? Find a list of the Philips Air Fryer presets here

How Should I Set Temperatures In My Philips Air Fryer For Certain Meals? 

The temperature you choose to air fry at will depend on the recipe or meal you are making. If you are replacing other cooking methods, for example oven cooking or deep frying, then follow this general rule. Decrease the fryer temperature by 25°F to achieve a similar result. 

Need help in determining what temperature to cook your food? Try using the Philips air fryer presets. They are super handy for newbies. Simply choose the icon that represents the food you’re cooking. 

Want to air fry some fresh salmon? 

No problem! There's a fish icon ready for you to click. 

Alternatively, you can read our article about cooking the moist and delicious salmon: How to Use Philips Air Fryer For The First Time

What Temperature Do I Set My Philips Air Fryer for Dehydration? 

The Philips air fryer is able to reach low temperatures, and for dehydrating you will need to set your air fryer to below 160°F

This is because low temperatures ensures that the food dries out but without getting cooked.  

Interested in dehydrating fruits or meat to last longer and taste stronger? Check out our article, Can My Philips Air Fryer Dehydrate Food? [Recipe Idea + How To].

Adjusting Your Philips Air Fryer Temperature For Different Meals 

Have a peek at this handy and detailed chart that shows the temperature settings for certain foods and meals. 

Temperature Adjustment Guide

Below is a list of some of my favorite meals and foods I cook in my air fryer. 

When it comes to the air fryer, I really needed a proper guide telling me about the cooking temperature and for how long to cook. Through trial and error, I’ve come up with one myself to make my life (and yours) a lot easier! 

Philips air fryer with arrow signaling the temperature controls

Philips air fryer with arrow signaling the temperature controls

Temperatures for Vegetables 

Before you air fry vegetables, remember each vegetable cooks differently. 

Trust me when I say there is nothing worse than expecting your fries to be fully cooked only to bite into a hard, cold potato! 

Softer veggies like zucchini and tomato are super easy to air fry and take up hardly any time and cook at low temperatures.  Other veggies like butternut squash and potato will take a little longer to get perfectly crispy. 

Check out the table below for temperatures and cooking times. 


Philips Air Fryer Temperature

Philips Air Fryer Time



20 - 25 minutes



25 - 30 minutes

Butternut squash


20 minutes,

Flip and cook for 10 minutes more



10 minutes



8 minutes



8 minutes

Philips Air Frying Temperatures for Fish and Meat 

For cooking fish and meat, the temperatures vary slightly. Cooking fish in your Philips air fryer makes it crispy and golden on the outside and tender on the inside. I love cooking salmon in the air fryer because I like the middle to be just the slightest pink. 


Philips Air Fryer Temperature

Philips Air Fryer Time

Breaded salmon


12 - 14  minutes

Breaded chicken


12 - 14 minutes

Breaded prawns


8 - 10 minutes

Beef burgers


8 - 10 minutes (flip half way through cycle)

Chicken (thawed)


20 minutes



10 - 12 minutes

Philips Air Frying Temperatures for Miscellaneous 

Some of the foods listed below are non-traditional. My new personal favorite is bulk air frying eggs to eat later on in the week. They cook completely, and with little mess! You can also reheat them in the air fryer instead of the microwave. 

Find below a quick list of some of the non-traditional food items I’ve tried out in my Philips air fryer along with the cooking temperatures (which you can adjust) and air fry times. 


Philips Air Fryer Temperature

Philips Air Fryer Time

Marshmallows (dehydrate)


1 - 2 hours (check half way through)

Kiwi (dehydrate)


1 hour

Boiled eggs


15 minutes

Frozen fish


16 minutes

Frozen fries


20 - 25 minutes 

(flip in between cycle)

Breaded tofu


10 - 12 minutes 

(shake basket inbetween cycle)

Want to Reheat Food In Your Philips Air Fryer? 

Reheating food in the Philips air fryer is a different can of worms. To learn more about reheating temperatures and how-tos, read our article: How Long to Reheat Chicken Wings in the Air Fryer? [Guide for Best Results].

Air Fryer Temperature Tips 

Air fryers are great investments for any household. This is why it is so important to take great care of it. Keep reading to see some tips when it comes to adjusting the temperature of your Philips air fryer. 

Tip 1- You Can Do More Than Just Air Fry

You cook foods in more than one way. Play around with the temperature setting on your air fryer. As mentioned above, you can dehydrate myraid foods when you adjust the cooking temperature low enough. 

You can also reheat foods instead of using the oven or microwave. One of my favorite sides to reheat are delicious garlic breadsticks, and in my Philips air fryer. 

Tip 2 - You Can Adjust the Temperature While Cooking

If the food is taking longer to cook or is browning fast without cooking  through, you CAN adjust the air frying temperature if needed. 

This one has been a life saver for me, if I was running late to a meeting for work or needed to get to the gym in a hurry, adjusting the temperature has sped up my cooking.


Tip 3 - Adjust Traditional Cooking Temperatures to Fit Air Frying

Did you know that you can adjust recipes that usually call for deep frying or traditional frying to work with your air fryer? 

Whatever the temperature years recipe calls for deep frying, lower it  by 25 and you’re ready to air fry. 

Final Thoughts 

The Philips air fryer is such a handy kitchen appliance. I love mine, and when you become more familiar with yours, or if you already have one, then you’ll be just as enamored. 

Air fryers are versatile allowing you to change temperature before and while cooking. You can also adjust the temperature and cooking times between batches. 

Everyone who owns a Philips air fryer will need to understand temperature adjustments as because different recipes and foods require different methods. 

The appliance is highly intuitive so you can not only adjust cooking temperatures but also open the basket anytime during cooking to check on food. 

It can be difficult to remember all the different temperatures and cooking times for your meals,. So we’ve put together three easy tables to provide a starting pint on your Philips air fryer journey.

Do you frequently find yourself changing meal temperatures? Have you been unsure about using the correct temperature to cook foods ? Let us know in the comments below.

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