Air Fryer VS Microwave [With Handy Comparison Charts]

Air Fryer VersuS Microwave

Have you ever wondered about the differences between an air fryer and microwave? If so, maybe you are wondering what the actual differences are between the two appliances. It seems like every house, apartment, dorm room, camper van, and even office kitchen has a microwave. One could argue that they are one of the most well known … Read more

How Many Watts Does An Air Fryer Use? [Quick Answer and Cooking Tips]

How Many Watts Does An Air Fryer Use

Air Fryers are strong kitchen appliances. The wattage for air fryers depends completely on the brand and the model that you buy. They are able to quickly cook up any kind of food, leaving it crispy, golden, and delicious. But have you ever wondered how many watts an air fryer actually uses? Do you wonder if your … Read more