Best 14 Inch Frying Pans [Which Pan to Buy + Product Review]

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Good quality kitchen pans are essential in any kitchen. In fact, frying pans are probably the most used kitchen tool. Our apartment uses them almost daily!

As someone who cooks a lot of fried eggs, stir-fries, and vegetables, I assure you buying a good quality pan is one of the best decisions to make for your kitchen. 

If you’re looking for the best frying pan to add to your cooking arsenal, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you through some of the best 14-inch frying pans on the market. 

We also give a thorough review on each and every one (I’ve ranked the top five), giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

The best 14-inch frying pan currently sitting on the market is the T-fal frying pan, which also happens to be Amazon’s Choice. The T-fal frying pan is versatile, has excellent customer reviews, and comes from an established household brand name.

How We Chose Our “Best Frying Pan” 

To understand how we have chosen the best 14-inch frying pan for you to buy, first, we need to introduce our methodology. 

We will first go through our criteria, and then we will explain the scoring we will implement to give you a more solid sense of the best pan to purchase (you can see we take this seriously!). 

Keep reading to find out what we are benchmarking against. 

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Criteria for the Best 14-Inch Frying Pan 

We have ranked the top five frying pans based on the following kitchen appliance fundamentals: 

A tape measure wrapped around a fork against a bright yellow background

1. Brand Reputability  

A frying pan will need to last you a while. This is where brand reputability comes in. We will examine the brands who are selling the frying pan, how long they have been around for, and we will look at their pan warranty.


2. Price 

We want to ensure that we present to you a quality frying pan for the best possible price. Although we are not currently scoring this criteria, we have linked where you may find the prices elsewhere.


3. Amazon Reviews  

Customer feedback is a powerful asset. We will look at the Amazon reviews for each product and pinpoint which products have been deemed "Amazon's Choice," if any. 

4. Versatility 

What we mean by versatility is how much you can use the pan for and what features it includes.

Is the pan non-stick, does it come with a lid, is it induction-friendly? 

Those are the elements of versatility we will explore. 

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Scoring Breakdown for 14-Inch Frying Pans

We will score each section from one to five. One being the lowest score that the product achieves and five being the highest. 

Once we’ve scored all the criteria, we’ll add the numbers together to give a final score. 

Below we go into more detail about the scores we allocate to the frying pans.


Criteria 1: Brand Reputability

1 = Brand is not reputable; the brand has no Amazon store.

2 = Brand is relatively new. The reviews are good, but the brand has not funded any research and development projects to enhance cooking technologies. 

3 = Brand is reputable; the brand has been around for over 15 years. 

4 = Brand is very reputable. They have been around for 20 years; funding has gone to research and development toward cooking technologies.

5 = Brand is highly reputable; they have been around for over 30 years. They fund research and development toward cooking technologies, and the brand specializes in frying technology.

Criteria 2: Price 

Price point is a difficult one to score. 

Price is often a defining factor in whether one buys something. We recommend checking prices directly on Amazon to ensure you always see the correct and most up-to-date information.

Criteria 3: Customer Reviews 

1 = Very few reviews, less than 500 on Amazon.

2 = Less than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. 

3 = Over 1,000 reviews on Amazon. 

4 = Over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. 

5 = Over 3,000 Amazon reviews, Amazon’s Choice.


Criteria 4: Versatility 

1 = Product has no versatility or has none listed. 

2 = Product has little versatility. Product is not suitable for induction. 

3 = Product has few features: non-stick and firm handle. Unsure whether the product is suitable for induction. 

4 = Product has features: non-stick, stainless steel, firm handle. 

5 = Product has many features: non-stick, firm handle, induction appropriate, lid, titanium metal.  

14-Inch Frying Pan Winner: T-fal Frying Pan (Amazon’s Choice) 

The T-fal frying pan is the winner of our frying pan showdown. 

Yet, this doesn’t mean the other frying pans are out of the competition. T-fal is just our first choice here. 

No products found.

Product Review 

Here’s why this pan earns top marks on our scoring system:




Brand Reputability

Amazon Reviews

This pan is Amazon’s Choice and has over 12,000 Amazon reviews


Induction friendly, special non-stick technology, comes with a glass lid, and is titanium



Overall Score: 15/15 

With a perfect score, the T-fal frying pan is a clear winner in my eyes. Not only is the pan affordable, but T-fal (or Tefal if you are reading from the UK & Europe) has years of backed science and product refinement. 

T-fal has an array of features and also hosts over 12,000 Amazon reviews on the product page. That is hard to beat. 

Buyer’s note: This frying pan is actually just shy of 14 inches. It comes in at 12.5 inches (32 cm) but is plenty big to cook hearty stir-fries, vegetables, and refried beans.

1st Runner Up: Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 14-Inch Skillet

No products found.

As a brand, Cuisinart is on par with the likes of T-fal, long-standing and reliable. 

Product Review 

Cuisinart’s 14-inch skillet is an enticing pan to purchase. 


Scoring and Remarks

Brand reputability

5 - Cuisinart has been around for over 50 years


Amazon reviews

3 - This frying pan has just under 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon


5 - Aluminum base with stainless steel, hot spot eliminating, oven safe to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, induction ready

Overall Score: 13/15 

This product ranks as first runner-up. The Cuisinart 14-inch frying pan comes from a reputable brand and has many features. Its weak point is the number of reviews on Amazon. 

2nd Runner Up: Rachel Ray Nonstick Cucina Skillet 

The Rachel Ray Nonstick Cucina Skillet comes in as 2nd runner up.

No products found.

Product Review 

This is a great pan to use if you want to buy from an up-and-coming brand and is even more exciting to use if you are a fan of Rachel’s. For those familiar with her cooking — I must say she is able to whip up some pretty delicious and engaging meals! 


Scoring and Remarks

Brand Reputability

2 - Ray Marks Co LLC has been around since 2007


Amazon reviews

5 - This pan is Amazon’s Choice and has 3,613 Amazon reviews


4 - Non-stick element, comes with a helper handle, even heat distribution

Overall Score: 11/15

According to users on Amazon, this is a good product. The only two drawbacks here are the price and the brand. The 14-inch frying pan is slightly on the expensive side, and finding any information regarding the brand’s name, research and development, and technology is very difficult. 

3rd Runner Up: Tramontina 14-Inch Frying Pan

Tramontina is a very common household name when it comes to cookware.

No products found.

Product Review

The Tramontina 14-inch frying pan is also a great choice if you’re looking for a sturdy kitchen tool. The only product drawback is the lack of induction technology. Plus, this pan only has around 1,000 reviews on Amazon compared to the T-fal, which has over 12,000. 

For these reasons, I have allocated 2nd Runner Up to the Tramontina 14-inch frying plan. 


Scoring and Remarks

Brand Reputability

5 - Did you know that the Tramontina brand is 110 years old?! 


Amazon reviews

3 - Approximately 1,000 reviews on Amazon


2 - No induction technology, aluminum pan instead of stainless steel

Overall Score: 10/15

The Tramontina pan is a good pan in many respects and comes from a world-renowned brand. However, the versatility of the pan is low as the pan features no induction technology, and it’s aluminum, a much less sturdy metal than stainless steel

According to the criteria outlined above, this merits the Tramontina frying pan a 10/15. 

4th Runner Up: Blue Diamond - Diamond-Infused Frying Pan (Amazon’s Best Seller)

Blue Diamond is a newcomer looking to disrupt the incumbents of the kitchen tool industry.

No products found.

Product Review 

The Blue Diamond 14-inch frying pan is a favorite amongst customers. 

It seems like they have stellar reviews on Amazon, but they are not a household name just yet. After all, Blue Diamond was only founded about three years ago. 

Keep reading to find out the scoring. 

Buyer’s note: The Blue Diamond frying pan is a Best Seller on Amazon


Scoring and additional comments

Brand Reputability

2 - Blue Diamond was founded in 2018, although part of a much larger cookware enterprise


Amazon reviews

5 - Approximately 15,00 customer reviews on Amazon


2 - No induction technology, ceramic rather than stainless steel 

Overall Score: 9/15

Blue Diamond gets an 8/15 because of the brand’s reputability and lack of versatility. Blue Diamond began as a fairly recent company, just in 2018. The brand seems part of a much larger cookware conglomerate, but I was unable to find much information regarding their research and development. 

Although the frying pan can withstand temperatures of around 800 degrees Fahrenheit, I was not able to find if the pan was induction compatible or not.

This is why I have scored the Blue Diamond frying pan a 9/15. 

Final Remarks 

We’ve just compared and contrasted the top five best 14-inch frying pans. We talked about their positives and their pain points, and now it is time for you to make your decision. 

I needed something affordable and reliable. A pan that would be a household staple in my everyday cooking, which is why the T-fal frying pan worked out splendidly for me. It’s also Amazon’s Choice.

Which is the best 14-inch frying pan for you? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

If you find yourself stuck between two pans, read our article Tramontina VS Cuisinart: How To Buy The Best Cookware For Your Family for guidance. 

Additional Questions (FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions. 

What am I Able to Cook in a 14-Inch Frying Pan? 

There are loads of recipes you are able to cook in a 14-inch frying pan. These pans are best when cooking for a large group of people, a family, or batch cooking. 

Check out this delicious fried chicken recipe, completely suitable for pan-frying.

How Big is a 14-Inch Frying Pan? 

A 14-inch frying pan is on the larger side of kitchen tools. In centimeters, the pan measures around 35. 

If you live in a smaller dorm room or a smaller apartment, then perhaps a 14-inch frying pan may be too big for your stovetop realm. 

Remember: A frying pan is only as good as its burner! Before you purchase, be sure your stovetop can accommodate a 14-inch frying pan.

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