Induction Cooking Temperature Guide [With Handy Charts!]

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Induction cooktops are useful tools in the kitchen that can come big or small. These glass cooktops are beneficial for cooking many meals because of the range of temperatures they can go. With these amazing tools, you will be able to choose a setting you are comfortable with and create a delicious meal.

What temperature should your induction cooktop be set to?

Here is a quick guide to go by if you’re in a pinch:






Slow cooking over a day



For sauteing, boiling, frying.



Boiling pasta, and cooking meats.



To blacken or darken something for a nice crunchiness.

There are many more settings you should know about. You can cook the same thing at different temperatures for different tastes and textures. 

They can have settings below the low temperature that can help you make chocolates. Induction cooktops have settings perfect also for donut making, all the way to the perfect pancake and egg setting. 

Keep reading to find out what temperatures you should be cooking at.

Your Guide To Induction Temperatures

There are more than just five basic settings, and many of them allow for the cooking of different things.

Before buying any induction cooktop, you will want to read the features to make sure it can do everything you want. They can be one of the most useful kitchen gadgets you have ever owned. This chart can be particularly useful if you are wondering how to cook vegetables on an induction cooktop, or curious about what induction temperature is best for rice. This chart will guide you through it.




Low (Setting # warm)


Reheating food.

Low (Setting # warm)


Rendering chocolate.

Low (Setting #1)


Slow cooking over a day.

Low/Medium (Setting #2)


Melting cheese for fondue and creating other sauces.

Low/Medium (Setting #3)


Making jams, boiling water, or creating jellies.

Medium (Setting #4 & #5)


Good for roasting and boiling things like potatoes, rice, pancakes, eggs, and steaming things like broccoli.

Medium/High (Setting #6)


Sauteing seafood or veggies

Medium/High (Setting #6 or#7 depending on brand)


This is a good setting for making chicken, casseroles or poultry.

Medium/High (Setting #7 for most induction cooktops)


Perfect for frying up donuts or apple fritters.

High (Setting #8)


If you are trying to make popcorn this is the perfect setting.

High (Setting #9)


Great for pan broiled meat like pork chops.

High (Setting #10)


Good for a quick sear on meats or fish.



Good for anything you need a crisp top on.

Note: These are the basic settings that may vary depending on your cooktop 

Note: You can set your cooktop to various numbers

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Depending on your induction cooktop, you may want to invest in some new pans and skillets to cook to get the best outcome. 

If you’re looking for cookware to use on a glass cooktop, we’ve got you covered.

Why Induction Cooktops Are Ideal

Induction cooktops can be smaller or bigger than a gas stove. This makes them a good option for apartments with small spaces or even houses concerned about using fewer gas products. They can be a safer alternative to stoves for many people.

There are other reasons why induction cooktops are a good choice for your kitchen.

This feature leaves your undamaged. Because it is heating the pan so much that the pan is doing the cooking and does not rely on an open flame like a gas stove. Gas cooktops heat up your pan from underneath from a burning flame that can cause damage to the bottom of your pan like scratches.
The perfect kitchen setup featuring a beautiful induction cooktop

Less Energy

Induction cooktops are wonderful if you are looking for a way to cook yummy meals and save on energy. This is the most energy-efficient option between gas and electric. The induction cooktop creates an electromagnetic field that heats up the pots and pans placed on top. 

This feature leaves your pots and pans undamaged. Because it is heating the pan so much that the pan is doing the cooking and does not rely on an open flame like a gas stove. Gas cooktops heat up your pan from underneath from a burning flame that can cause damage to the bottom of your pan like scratches. 

The Cooktop Stays Cooler

It warms your pots and pans up faster. Because the pan is the one warming up, the actual cooktop stays relatively cool. This can be great if you have kids or want to stay extra safe while cooking.

Easy to Clean

If you have a glass cooktop, it is super easy to clean. It cools down fast, which means after cooking, you can take a sponge or paper towel to wipe away any excess foods. 

Preprogram Your Cooktop

If you have favorite meals that your whole family enjoys, you can pre-set your induction cooktop. It will start at the temperature you need and stop after a certain amount of time. 

You will still have to watch your food for safety reasons. But, this can be a huge help if you don’t want to look up cook times every time you make your favorite dish. 

This kitchen tool has an induction cooktop temperature control that many other stoves will not have. 

There are so many reasons why induction cooktops are superior to other stoves or heating options. 

For example, it is also good for houses, apartments, and condos. If you live in a hot place, this can be especially wonderful because the stove will not heat up the air in your home. 

You can make wonderful meals with this type of glass cooktop. 

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Final Thoughts

If you follow this basic guide, you will be making Martha Stewart worthy meals in no time. You can make anything from donuts to macarons. Or from perfectly cooked eggs all the way to a full chicken using the table above. 

What are some of your favorite meals to make using an induction cooktop? Please leave a comment below!

You have more questions about induction cooktops? Check the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

More info on everything to do with induction cooking!

Does an Induction Cooktop Boil Water Faster?

On average, it takes four minutes to boil water with an induction cooktop. It takes seven full minutes to boil water on an electric cooktop and eight minutes on a gas cooktop. 

Yes, it is much faster to boil water on an induction cooktop.

Is the Risk of Fire Greater or Lower With an Induction Cooktop?

One of the best features of an induction cooktop is that it is incredibly safe. 

The chance of accidentally setting a fire is minimal with an induction cooktop. You can even set a piece of paper on the cooktop, and it will not light on fire. (However, we do not advise testing this.)

Is an Induction Cooktop Worth the Investment?

There are so many benefits to an induction cooktop they can be worth the initial investment. You can make better food, stay safer, and lower your energy bill by investing in an induction cooktop. 

However, it will ultimately depend on your lifestyle. 

Can You Scratch Your Induction Cooktop Easily?

If you use heavy pots and pans, there is a chance you will scratch your induction cooktop

You will want to get the correct pots and pans for this cooktop. Most scratches will not affect how your meal cooks.

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