Can A Philips Air Fryer Go Into The Dishwasher? [Answer + How To Do It]

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If you are a proud owner of a new air fryer, chances are you want it to remain as good as new for a long time. 

Air fryers are special appliances that are both versatile and an investment. As with any investment, you’ll need to take good care of it.

You’re definitely keen to keep it in great shape and that includes the cleaning process as well.

After you made your chicken wings or roasted your avocados, you probably want to remove the traces of food and grease from your air fryer basket. Cleaning by hand is always safe, but what about putting it in the dishwasher?

The Philips air fryer basket and chamber are certainly dishwasher safe, and can also be washed by hand. 

Dishwashing has another advantage over hand washing. It can clean hard-to-reach areas of the detachable components of your air fryer, and saves you some time. 

Before you put your beloved them in the dishwasher, there are a few tips and tricks which are useful to know. After all, you wouldn’t want to accidentally break your air fryer! 

Read on to know about the best ways to dishwash your Philips air fryer, based on my personal experience. 

Dishwashing Your Philips Air Fryer

Air fryers are convenient tools, but sadly as with any kitchen appliance it does need to be cleaned from time to time. 

Dishwashing saves time and luckily, yes, the Philips air fryer is dishwasher safe! 

Traditional air fryers have a removable basket and chamber. Before you add these to your dishwasher, check your product manual to see if those parts can be placed in a dishwasher or not. 

I have a Philips air fryer, and so we will go step by step on how to clean it and keep it safe so that it can last you a lifetime or atleast many more years . 

How to Dishwash a Philips Air Fryer 

Dishwashing your Philips Air Fryer is a very simple process. Here are five steps on how to do it seamlessly. 

Step - 1: Take the Chamber Out

After you are done cooking in your air fryer, turn it off (unplug it if you need to) and take the chamber out. The detachable chamber is the bigger part of the air fryer that usually contains the basket and any other accessory you may use for frying or baking. 

Step - 2: Remove the Basket

The Philips air fryer has a button. Press this to release the basket and then remove it. In order to dishwash your air fryer components , you should first separate the basket and the chamber. 

Step - 3: Let It Soak If Needed

Sometimes if you have cooked a steak or burger in your air fryer, you’ll find lots of grease inside. Letting the chamber and basket soak for a little while make it easier for the dishwasher to clean the right places. 

Top tip: 

Soaking helps loosen the grease and fat that is clinging onto your air fryer. Remember to soak using a soap that will dislodge the grease. If you do this, then it will come right off when you gently scrub it. Et voilà!

Step - 4: Place it in Your Dishwasher 

After you have let the basket and chamber soak for a few minutes, put it inside your dishwasher. Be sure to not overcrowd the dishwasher as it may hamper proper cleaning. Start your dishwasher as you normally would and let the cycle run through. 

Step - 5: Place Chamber and Basket Back In Air Fryer 

After the washing cycle is complete, place the chamber and basket back into the air fryer. Be sure to check if there is any leftover water from the cycle. If they are still wet then dry both parts with a soft towel. 

And there you have it! Five quick steps to dishwash your Philips air fryer. This goes for accessories too, as most of them are dishwasher safe. 

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Handwashing Your Philips Air Fryer 

If you are wary of putting your Philips air fryer into the dishwasher then there are alternative ways to clean your appliance. 

If you opt to hand wash, then feel free to do so. Sometimes people prefer to wash appliances themselves rather than risk damaging it in the dishwasher.


How to Handwash Your Philips Air Fryer 

You’ve seen the easy steps for using a dishwashe with your air fryer. Now we show you how to handwash your air fryer in five simple steps. 

Step - 1: Take the Basket and Chamber Out

Just like you would remove specific parts for cleaning in the dishwasher, do the same for handwashing. Take the basket and chamber out from the main air fryer. Ensure that the appliance has been turned off and that it has cooled down before taking any parts out.


Step - 2: Let It Soak If Needed

If you have some time to spare, let the basket and chamber soak in soap water. This makes it easier to hand wash. Otherwise you may be end up doing a lot of hard scrubbing.


Step - 3: Get the Right Water Temperature & Sponge 

When you’re handwashing, getting the water temperature right and using a sponge is key. According to Instantpot, you should never use chemical detergents or tough scouring pads on any air fryer parts. We recommend using a soft sponge and lukewarm water for the best results. 

Kitchen cleaning tip: The air fryer basket and chamber will need to be cleaned after each use. if you’re handwashing we recommend buying washing gloves to protect your hands. 

Step - 4: Set the Air Fryer Parts Out to Dry 

If you have a drying rack, you can place the air fryer parts on top of it to let it dry. If you want to place  the basket and chamber in the air fryer, then gently but completely towel dry these parts before inserting them back inside. 

Tips When Dishwashing Your Philips Air Fryer 

Below are some quick tips that will help you in the long run. Follow these when dishwashing your air fryer

Tip #1 - Letting it Cool 

Be sure to let your air fryer cool down completely before putting the parts inside the dishwasher. For added safety, turn the air fryer off and even unplug it completely from the socket if you need to. 

Tip #2 - The “Pre-Clean” Clean  

Get rid of all rendered grease before putting it in the dishwasher. Giving your air fryer basket and chamber a good wipe before putting inside the dishwasher will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. 

This will also mean your dishwasher doesn’t take on all of the work. Too much grease on an appliance can negatively affect your dishwasher, too.  

Tip #3 - Don’t Neglect Your Air Fryer 

Don’t forget other larger parts of your air fryer! Those parts most likely aren’t dishwasher safe. You can simply dust the bigger part of the air fryer and even brush a damp cloth on top of it to go a step further. 

The interior of your air fryer will also need to be cleaned from time to time. Depending on what you cook, We recommend a nice, clean wipe with a damp cloth once a month.


Tip #4 - Allowing for Enough Room 

Just like you wouldn’t overcrowd your Philips air fryer when frying food, you shouldn’t overcrowd your dishwasher when cleaning your air fryer. Overcrowding will compromise on the clean quality and you may have to do it all over again. 

Philips Air Fryer basket inside the top shelf of a dishwasher

What to Avoid Doing When Cleaning Your Philips Air Fryer 

There aren’t too many aspects to avoid when cleaning your air fryer. It’s pretty difficult to ruin your air fryer when you are cleaning it. However, one can never be too safe! 

Here are some tips to take extra care of your air fryer and some things you may want to avoid. 

Cleaning Your Air Fryer with Tough Sponges 

Most air fryers have a coating on the basket which is there to prevent food from sticking to it. This coating can rub off when you use harsh brushes or sponges on it. Do your best to avoid these and use only gentle sponges. I would avoid using any bristly brush altogether. 

Need some quality sponges? Have a look at these eco friendly soft, non-abrasive sponges on Amazon.


Letting Sauce Ruin Your Air Fryer 

Have you ever tried to reheat chicken wings in an air fryer only to have the sauce go everywhere? Using perforated parchment paper or another type of lining will keep your air fryer cleaner for longer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We go into other details about the specifics of dishwashing and cleaning your Philips air fryer. 

Which Parts of An Air Fryer are Okay to Dishwash?

The basket and the chamber are the only parts of the air fryer that are suitable for dishwashing. Other parts, such as accessories (racks, baking trays) should also be okay for dishwasher use but you will want to double check the manufacturer's manual. 

Looking for air fryers with dishwasher safe accessories? Read more about the top air fryers that come with racks for the best purchases. 

Is the Philips Air Fryer Dishwasher Safe? 

Yes, the Philips air fryer is dishwasher safe. 

If you are still unsure, then you can read their cleaning manual on page 20. Philips goes into great detail about the best ways to clean your air fryer. 

Is The Basket of an Air Fryer Dishwasher Safe? 

Yes, you can dishwash the basket and the chamber of your air fryer. Both will come out easily and can be placed inside your dishwasher. You will need to make sure there is enough room in your dishwasher before you place these items inside. 

How Do I Get Baked Grease Out of My Air Fryer? 

Baked grease can be gross and messy. Getting rid of sticky but hard grease is now easy! If you’re stuck with grease or food particles on any of the detachable parts of your air fryer, then follow these steps: 

  • Mix hot water in your sink with some dish soap 
  • Place both Philips air fryer parts inside 
  • Let soak for about 30 - 60 minutes 
  • Gently rub off the baked grease with a sponge 
  • Stick in the dishwasher for a deeper clean 

Closing Remarks 

I personally enjoy hand washing my air fryer. I have full control over the water temperature and how hard I scrub. 

Not everyone is the same, and if you are short on time, then dishwashing could be the best course of action for you! I have done this as well. 

With the Philips air fryer, you have options on how to clean it. The basket and chamber are definitely dishwasher safe which is highly convenient. 

Remember not to use any harsh chemicals or rough sponges on your air fryer, whichever way you choose to clean it. 

If you want to take the best care of your air fryer, then follow the tips and tricks in this article. 

Do you use a dishwasher for your air fryer? Let us know in the comments below.

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